Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Geographers

Last night, the gang from Geography at uOttawa had a pub night at Element. Each year, the winter pub night is hindered by a crapload of snow, which means less people get out to enjoy the fun. But for those of us who DID make it out, it was a blast!

I predrank across the street at Jessica's place with Mandy and Amy, and then we bused/walked to Elgin Street. I picked up Andrew along the way, and then it was show time! Much fun!

I took 198 pictures. The quality decreased with a direct correlation to the amount of alcohol consumed, naturally. Here is a sampling:

Amy and Mandy waiting for a cab for a long long time, until we decided to bus/walk.

Jessica, Mandy and Amy were straight to the bar to get their free drinks. Andrew and I missed the cutoff of 'first 50 people' just slightly. Boo!

Mary. I don't really have a comment for this one.

A little bit of me and Evan. He didn't stay long. He missed out.

Sierra and Norah.

Me with Jessica, Amy and Mandy.

Andrew and Amy. That red sweater photographs so well!

Another Jessica. She's totally cool/completely crazy.

Andrew is all 'you aint got nothin on me bitch' and Sierra goes 'i aint even listenin yo'. I swear that's what's happening.

Kerri is having a special experience.

Me and some Peter boy. [Disclaimer: that's not like a Nancy boy. Or a Nellie. I love when we talk like this!]

Annelise and Amy and a creeper.

Between us, Andrew and I have three rows of teeth. Uh oh.

At the end of the night, we went to the Elgin Street Diner so we could feast on poutine. It was mind bogglingly amazing. Bogglingly. The salt content was fierce though. The guy at the table beside us said it best, when he said "I can feel myself dehydrating." It's like he just knew what I was feeling and he said it so well!

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Anonymous said...

I've seen that Andrew/Girl picture like 5 times now, and I STILL feel he is looking past her.

hehe Nellie