Friday, February 1, 2008

The Delivery

Today, my afternoon class was canceled due to the large amounts of snow [which is pretty lame in my mind. it wasn't THAT bad out]. But I was indeed at home for my big delivery of art supplies! They didn't call like they said I would, so its a good thing I wasn't in class! [Andrew would have been here if they called, but they didn't!]

The canvas is about the same size as my double bed. Here, it happens to be sitting beside the current largest painting I've done. I guess this will take the cake! [Mmm I want cake].

Lots of tubs of paint! Yay!

And finally, a set of small tubes of paint, some new brushes to go with my old ones, two trowel thingies because I love to scrape paint around, and the case itself which is pretty darn classy!

I would have started things already today, but I had several hours of homework to do first. Tonight I'll be hitting up the pub being thrown by the Geography Dept. Woo hoo! Andrew is coming with me to meet my friends, unless the weather hinders his traveling.

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