Friday, February 29, 2008

The Burning

As a random tradition, when I watch Lost, I do so in the dark with a candle lit. Really, I do it because I like candles sometimes, and the only things I do in the dark are sleep and watch Lost. Tonight's episode was especially good.

After the episode, I noticed that the candle was getting low, so I decided that I would let it burn its way out before I went to bed. I like to see candles finish themselves off.

Tonight, before the candle managed to finish itself off, it finished off the candle holder instead.

I will now need to yell at Andrew's mother for giving me such a fire hazard. I was able to put it out quickly, and then put it out with the trash. Poor Santa Claus. Now I need a new candle holder.

This is the most recent picture of my painting. Would you please all vote on if I should lighten the small colour squares or not? I'm thinking yes.


Anonymous said...

I dont know, but I do like the black youve added to the picture lol. you know where!

But the black I was promised isnt there yet. le sad

Anonymous said...

Yes, I say lighten for more contrast. I especially like the lower corner.

Are you a LOST junkie, too? It's the only show I consistently watch. I actually could not get in to last night's episode. I'm not sure why I found it so uninteresting. I'm curious to find out the reason why Kate has Aaron!

i am playing outside said...

mando, the black you've been promised will come when all the colours are done... aka very close to the end

SRU - i am indeed a Lost junkie. but i happened to totally love last night's episode. a lot of people seem to hate on Desmond, but i think the secondary characters are just as important as the original ones

Bec said...

I agree lighten those squares up! Also I'd like to request a blog... can I do that even? anyways when you are all done you should post pictures of the painting from start to finish, it would be uber cool!

i am playing outside said...

lol that would be really long... maybe ill try to make a gif that shows all the steps

Stacy said...

great painting!

i kind of like it 'as is.'