Monday, February 18, 2008

The 85th Birthday

On Friday night, I got to Renfrew and moments later, we were off to Coco Jarry's for a wonderful night of dinner and live music. It was very New Orleansy. I was with Momma and Darrel and some of their friends, and then later I picked up MegH and brought her along. There were also several staff working and/or drinking that I knew. Around 10, Alison came in with her friend Leigh and Leigh's new boyfriend Doug. I've always enjoyed Leigh, but I think since I'm so much younger than them, she didn't have much to say to me. Now that I can drink, she does HAHA. Doug was a blast, and we decided to recruit him for the next day's events as well.

Doug lives in Petawawa and was staying with Leigh for the weekend [some 4th date!]. She had to work the entire next day, so instead of him sitting around at home alone all day, we invited him to our Grandma's 85th birthday party. He said he loved grandmas. He wanted to come. He came and it was hilarious trying to see people figure out who the hell this new guy was. There were a good 60 people there and more food than necessary. It was a wonderful day! Here are pictures:


Happy Birthday Grandma!

Doug and I

Aunts Judy, Frances and Leona. Look how good Judy looks. She's 74 years old!

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Judy

Grandma and Great Aunt Catherine. Catherine is 92, still has her driver's license, and teaches tai chi. She is always wearing red, and I absolutely love that. I've got some wonderful stories about her, you can be sure.

Lennie and Laura

Alison, Mom, Grandma and most of my head. Who took this picture??

Grandma and her kids

Jonathon and his cup

Aaw, its me!

Jonathon and Anni. She is very nice, even though Mando doesn't like her family. But we wont get into that here.

Momma :)

Little Annabelle

Ron and Momma




Grandma and I

Alison with Grandma

Doug meeting Grandma. Happy birthday from the random guy!


Anonymous said...

1)Her family is somewhat my family, and I am allowed to hate them for numerous acceptable reasons

2) Next time, don't bother even bringing it up. After a childhood of some of my aunts and uncles being complete jackasses to my mom, I'm not a huge fan of Brians family being a jerk to him over the same reason.

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i will write my blog how i want