Monday, February 18, 2008

The 30th Birthday

After grandma's birthday on Saturday afternoon, we took Doug back to Leigh's, and Alison went home. Everybody napped. We reconvened at 8:30, and headed out to Horton.

We were off to Theresa's birthday party. Alison and Leigh have known her forever, but in recent times, they've had a falling out. However, they saw that very few people had RSVPed to the party, so they thought that they should go in the spirit of being nice and having some guests at the party. We actually had a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday Theresa!

Jamie and his daughter. This is the cop that shot/killed my neighbour last Easter. We didn't discuss. The shooting was required.

Some gossip girl named Ashley.

Alison and Leigh are surely laughing at something funny I said.



Doug and others in background

Leigh and I after I told her that it wouldn't be a horribly hideous picture.

The gigantic freaking dog.

Doug and Leigh...

...back at Leigh's place after we left the party [so that Leigh could drive us and then do some drinking of her own]. We ended up watching the movie Taps which was pretty random lol.

Then on Sunday night, MegH came over for supper, and it was the best lasagne that Momma has made in years! So good! After that, we picked up Mando and headed on down to Tim Horton's. They took many pictures, but I forgot my camera in the car, and it was too freezing rainy for me to feel like running back outside to get mine.

Today I will be scanning lots of pictures and then hanging out with them again tonight! Woo!