Friday, February 29, 2008

The Burning

As a random tradition, when I watch Lost, I do so in the dark with a candle lit. Really, I do it because I like candles sometimes, and the only things I do in the dark are sleep and watch Lost. Tonight's episode was especially good.

After the episode, I noticed that the candle was getting low, so I decided that I would let it burn its way out before I went to bed. I like to see candles finish themselves off.

Tonight, before the candle managed to finish itself off, it finished off the candle holder instead.

I will now need to yell at Andrew's mother for giving me such a fire hazard. I was able to put it out quickly, and then put it out with the trash. Poor Santa Claus. Now I need a new candle holder.

This is the most recent picture of my painting. Would you please all vote on if I should lighten the small colour squares or not? I'm thinking yes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Creek

Today, my Advanced Geomorphology class had a 3 hour field trip to Pinecrest Creek. I do not have any form of boots, and I couldn't find anyone who did, so I just wore long johns and jeans, and then my thickest shoes with two pairs of socks. They kept me surprisingly warm! And I only felt wet when we got on the bus to go home [when I really noticed]. The snow was knee-deep or higher. It was good exercise!


Evan tossing the tape measure across to Andrea AKA the tree. Andrea is a Carleton student who is taking out class. Boo! Hiss!

Professor Kasper. She has the same name as my dentist!

Wilfreda, Sam and Kathryn.


More duckies in section two!

Half the group, writing. With pencils. Pens freeze in the cold wilderness.

A terrible picture of me.

Sam. He apparently lives in my building. Sweet.

Wilfreda. She was getting cold.

Evan and Kathryn look angry. Too many hours in the snow!

Jennalee also look angry. I don't think she wanted her picture taken.

What a good day!

The Recommencement

After a two-week break, I finally got back to my painting. I will likely keep that top left section as it is, unless you fine folks think it needs something else. I may add to it, but I fear doing too much to it. My cousin wants lots of red, so changing it too much could be bad. I'm certainly not done the triangle yet, but I think that it will need some red in it too. The photo doesn't really do it justice in my mind. Let me know what you think of it so far... all comments are welcome, good or bad.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Gin

Three days have passed. I've been busy. On Friday, my cousin Genevieve picked me up at 11am and we headed to Pembroke, along with Natalie and Ryan.

Our first stop was Fabricland. Genevieve is a sewing feind. There was a sale for members only. She happens to be a member. Old lady! She bought a whole lot of fabric, and then we chose a lovely pattern for her to make a shirt for me. I'm very excited. She's a budy girl though, so I'll get it when I get it lol

Next, we were off to Pembroke's new [in September] and apparently AWESOME Value Village. There were so many good finds! I got a sweet brown tie with wheat on it, and a sweet Dior tie for like 3 bucks. The Dior website sells ties for 170. A good deal? I think so! I also bought a red Hugo Boss shirt for 20, and beautiful green suspenders. I need to sew them together because they were coming apart from each other, but that will be easy!

Me in my Hugo shirt [beautiful] and Natalie in the sweet sweet dress she tried on. You have to try on some fun things.

Ryan. That's all I got.

Our lovely chauffeur, Genevieve, who then took us down the road to Petawawa, to For Your Eyes Only. Petawawa's porn store, naturally. You see, it had come to our attention the night before that her aunt Anne [my second cousin] has started dating the owner of this particular store. You may recall the picture of the 65 year old Anne in my previous post. We needed to check out the situation and see the guy. He is 63. It was fun/awkward. Genevieve was too chicken to mention Anne's name for the family discount. Lame! haha

That night, we went to Spencer and Cigi's house to drink. I wore my sweet suspenders. Look how awesome they are! They will totally be worn on St. Patrick's Day.

It was Colin's 19th birthday. He spilled his beer. Tsk tsk.

We played drinking games with these awesome green Bicycle cards. I MUST go to Wal*Mart to buy them. You can't not buy them. They are totally sweet.

Spencer, Cigi and Natalie.


I deffinitely drank almost a whole 26er of gin in about three hours. It was disgusting. My problem is that when I play drinking games, not only do I do all the drinking that the game dictates, but I also drink regularly as though we're not playing a game. This is twice the drinking, if not more. Not good.

I didn't throw up. I wish I had. LOL

Saturday night, Leigh and I went to Doug's in Petawawa where his kids were having a party. We hung out with him and his brother, who is also in the army. They gave me a sweet army bag which I friggin' love. Apparently Doug promises things to people and then begs his brother to get the things for the people, since he's the one with the actual pull HAHA.

I'm back in Ottawa now and I have an assignment to do. It is hard and I'm going to suffer.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Reunion

Nearing the end of grade 12, Mando and I were part of the Fat Five. That summer, things turned ugly in a highly publicized breakup. 178 days later, Mando, MegH and I reunited as the Fat Three. Not as catchy.

On Wednesday, I got together with MegH, Josh and Jackson for the first time since then. That's two or three years. It was better than I expected. Mando was absent for various obvious reasons.


Josh. Such gross hair.


Tonight, I went to dad's for supper. I was going to try to make it there twice this week, but he's been working late every night, so that didn't happen. Supper was very delicious and Mexicany. There was also some lovely appley dessert [kind of like a ball of pie. very hard to describe]. It was good! A lovely time, I say!

Dad with Angela. Lovely hat.

Me with Angela and Rachel. Aren't they kind of almost as adorable as me?

I had to cut supper short [just 2.5 hours at dad's] because I was off to meet Momma and others for a drink at Coco Jarry's.

Laura, Momma and Anne were all there [you may learn a funny little story about Anne tomorrow].

Genevieve and I, just after devising our little plan for a potential trip to Petawawa on Friday. This would make for two trips to Petawawa in as many days for me. Weird.

After they left, I went to the other side of the bar were I ran into Nick, Elyse and Rebecca.

Lindsay and Michelle were there.

So was Jenny!

We were all there to see Jordan's band play. They are called Shorthand, and you can find them online RIGHT HERE. They were good, but very loud for the small venue. Oh my God I'm officially old.

Rebecca told me that Mando had told her about my blog. Rebecca was very excited about this. Rebecca said that she's been reading it."Even all the old posts", said Rebecca. Rebecca then asked if she could be mentioned in a post.


Here is a pretty poorly lit picture of Jordan rocking out.

Finally, Jenny, Lindsay, Michelle and I went to Tim Horton's to finish off our night.

I particularly love this picture of me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Second Round

I found these two pictures on my camera from the lasagne eating last night. I shall post them now. I KNEW I should have had pictures in that last post!

This is MegH and her lasagne and caesar salad.

This is Momma being very annoyed that I am taking pictures at supper HAHA

Day 2. Michael, Mando and MegH return to Tim Horton's. This time, Michael has his camera in hand.

We walked in the door, and Lindsay and Jacey were sitting right there! Jacey was hiding.

Adam was with them. He ate a LOT of food from Wendy's. His attempts to blend into the seat cusion failed.

Shortly after, Schelly showed up after her movie in Kanata with Casey. Casey did not come in to see us. Sadness.

Proof that MegH was there.

And Mando. Smiling and laughing and moving her hand. Oh my! And look at that luxurious hair dye job!

The Jenny and Jessie and Jessie's sister Tonia dropped in for a little visit.

Then Jenny did this.

And then she smiled.

Finally, we looked through the local newspaper's weddings and engagements supplement from 2007. This advertisement wasn't nearly as fun as it could have been, so I helped it out a bit.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The 30th Birthday

After grandma's birthday on Saturday afternoon, we took Doug back to Leigh's, and Alison went home. Everybody napped. We reconvened at 8:30, and headed out to Horton.

We were off to Theresa's birthday party. Alison and Leigh have known her forever, but in recent times, they've had a falling out. However, they saw that very few people had RSVPed to the party, so they thought that they should go in the spirit of being nice and having some guests at the party. We actually had a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday Theresa!

Jamie and his daughter. This is the cop that shot/killed my neighbour last Easter. We didn't discuss. The shooting was required.

Some gossip girl named Ashley.

Alison and Leigh are surely laughing at something funny I said.



Doug and others in background

Leigh and I after I told her that it wouldn't be a horribly hideous picture.

The gigantic freaking dog.

Doug and Leigh...

...back at Leigh's place after we left the party [so that Leigh could drive us and then do some drinking of her own]. We ended up watching the movie Taps which was pretty random lol.

Then on Sunday night, MegH came over for supper, and it was the best lasagne that Momma has made in years! So good! After that, we picked up Mando and headed on down to Tim Horton's. They took many pictures, but I forgot my camera in the car, and it was too freezing rainy for me to feel like running back outside to get mine.

Today I will be scanning lots of pictures and then hanging out with them again tonight! Woo!