Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Surface Analysis

Last night, Andrew was catching up with a friend he hadn't seen in about two years, but he wanted me to show up late so they could have some good one on one time before I got there. I got there about an hour late, and when asked where I was, I simply said 'I was at home making maps."

The reaction was interesting, naturally. The maps are a surface analysis of Mount Shasta which is in California and can be found on Wikipedia HERE. This is what I was up to:

On the left: a black and white elevation image looking down on the mountain.
On the right: i created a 3D relief of the mountain to give it depth, and the colours are to represent the changes in elevation.

On the left: the flat elevation image.
On the right: elevation contour lines with an interval of 100 meters, with a dark line representing every 500 meters, and the green line represents the tree line at 2621 meters.

On the left: the same flat elevation image.
On the right: green represents flat surfaces, red represents steep slopes, and everything else in between follows the colour vs. gradient ratio.

On the left: that same flat elevation map that you all know and love.
On the right: i made the image 3D again, like in the first one. the two green triangles represent lookout towers that are 100 meters high. the purpose was to determine where to place a third tower. the light green areas can be seen from one tower, the dark green areas can be seen from both towers, and the regular land cannot be seen. you would put your third tower in a dark green area.

This is what I do at school.

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