Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Success

This just in: our Remote Sensing exam mark has been reduced from 30% to 20% and the labs have been bumped to take up the remainder. We won!

Today was a good day. We had our first Geomorphology lab, which was fun. I made two new friends [Evan and possibly Matt? LOL]. We examined rock samples, classified them, and then sifted them to get the smallest particles to be analyzed next week. Its better than you'd think! [Its fun actually DOING THINGS, not just listening].

After class, I went to Andrew's and did my laundry for several hours, and I did three readings for class, which means I'm now all caught up AND slightly ahead on my readings. Yay!

Andrew is sick, so I made him some soup and didn't get too close for too long at a time LOL. I hope he gets better soon!


Anonymous said...

ugh, I posted something but then it didnt work. Basically it was this.

GERMS! My throat sickness hasn't gotten worse or better, which is dumb. I just know the bastard is waiting for the weekend to destroy me.

i am playing outside said...

lol. andrew looked like death last night, but he woke up all better this morning. just in time to go to The Works with his dad tonight and have a wonderful meal without me while I sit in class. Boo. HAHA