Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Sketch

Last night, I tried to post [and comment on many of your blogs] but things were not working properly, so here I go again.

This is the sketch I have done for my big commissioned painting. I like it. The bottom right area, I don't exactly know what I'll do there yet. Something spontaneous, no doubt. I've also come up with my supply list, and I'm thinking that it will be closer to 300 bucks. We'll see. Oh well... if I go over my 250 budget, I just get to say I need more money. Woo!

I have a busy day today. Maybe I'll tell you all about it tonight! Woo!


Steve said...

i actually just commissioned a 4'X6' canvas for my apartment by an atrist friend of mine. i wich she had a website so i could share her stuff.

i am playing outside said...

aaw... youll need to take a pic for sure... what are you having her do?