Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Shopping Spree

For Christmas, I generally get a nice amount of gift cards. Definitely a nice amount. Today, I finally got to the mall to spend! Andrew and I went to Bayshore [which is the farthest mall, but my favourite. I live within 5 minutes of two malls, but Bayshore is worth the trip!]

For your viewing pleasure, I did a little fashion show of what I bought.

The first stop [after lunch] was Old Navy.

I need T-shirts sometimes, because I wear like 3 in a rotation. Mainly under sweatshirts, but still... I'm sure everyone knows about my yellow Beastie Boys hamburger T-shirt.

I like brown a lot, so it seemed like a good T-shirt colour as well. They were 2 for $15, so two T-shirts is a great choice! HAHA

This shirt is red. I wanted to buy pretty much the exact same shirt at American Apparel, but I actually didn't feel comfortable enough going in there by myself, because it's just not a Michael store. I'd feel judged. LOL This is the fatter looking picture of the two that I took of this shirt, but I accidentally deleted the other one. Pretend I'm thin.

This shirt is green. This is the only shade of green that I like and/or will wear.

Next, we went to Mrs. Tiggy Winkles, just because people friggin' love that store. I saw these before, but I finally decided to buy the mold to make shot glasses out of ice. I've got the water freezing right now, so I'll take a picture when they're done. I'm excited!

Bluenotes was up next, and I found these two lovely shirts:

I saw this shirt from across the room, and i thought *red? brown? what could go wrong?*

Then I saw this shirt close by, and I thought *brown? other brown? yes!*

So yes, I did buy three sets of two matching shirts, but honestly, I love them all very much. And they were good prices!

Andrew bought us some ice cream at Laura Secord, we chatted it up with his friend Kayla who was working her one shift a week at Mexx, he bought a nice black dress shirt that I picked out, and then we were off to West 49 for the second time, since I hadn't liked any of the clothes or shoes the first stop there.

I was there for a watch. I love Nixon watches. Love them. They're my favourite subcategory of my overall love for watches and clocks. Timepieces, really. Love them. Look how nice this watch is! ... I had two gift cards for the store, and like 4 bucks on a third one that I hadn't used in the past, and I had to add a considerable amount of my own money to buy it, but I love the watch. Yay!

We were finally done shopping, so of course that meant we stopped into the shoe store Spring.

These shoes are beautiful. They are very well fitted, and are much smaller and lighter than the skate shoes I normally wear. This was the whole theme of my day of shopping: to find clothes that fit me properly and aren't all baggy and stupid like most of the clothes I pretend i like but I absolutely hate. I like them a lot and they feel great. I've been wearing them all night just to break them in a bit.

As you can see, I bought no pants today. This annoyed me a little bit, but every pair of pants I tried on were too small even though they are the same size of the ones I was wearing. Even some from the same store. Pain in the ass. I was not buying BIGGER pants because I don't think I should have to, and since I plan on losing some weight, I don't feel that I should. Also, people notice if you are wearing the same shirts more than the same jeans.

It was a great shopping spree, and now I'm exhausted.

One last thing. My roommate is gone for the weekend on a ski trip. I generally don't go in the living room, so it is usually messy, but I'd normally not care. Well tonight, I decided to watch some TV in the living room. He left it a bit messy, but it seemed fine. Then, I go over and sit on a chair, and between the chair and the couch, hidden out of view from anywhere in the apartment that I would normally be, I found this:



Anonymous said...

HA! Tims mess RULES.

I'm not sure I'd be a fan of the shot freezer things, since well, the melt. And if you put them down, that area is going to get wet, and then the iced area is going to get germy. Also to do with the melting, we all know how that one time I did "shots" I was really just sipping. Imaging me sipping on those. melted.

If you fix the collar on that red and brown shirt, it will be wonderful.

I'm not sure if I ever bought two shirts, different colours, that ever made it into my high rotation, but I would. My aunt does that all the time, but she'll buy like EVERY shirt.

Not a fan of the watch. 1) It has no 3, BUT if it had had a 4, since the 3 spot was taken, that would be beautiful. 2) It is not digital, and I am a digital mando, living in a digital world. [I think im trying to reference bad religion here]

Pants 1) Remember the story of how Joey [ellies bro] was buying pants at West 49, and they were all Skinny Jeans, and he was all WHAT THE FUCK. Perhaps that was you. [trying on skinny jeans, not that I thought you said that]

I'm sure you already have a fair number of pants that do fit you, but once you do need new pants, you wont think fatty fatty fatty when you go up a size, you will think comfy comfy comfy. But that is just my experience with the Freshman Fifty lol

Well, Im sure to comment back when you get feel the need to fight one of my thoughts, gday sir!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think I got my blue shoes, which are now my gym shoes at Spring. Or they are by Spring. Who knows.

i am playing outside said...

I just don't understand why he hid the mess when he would normally leave it for a couple weeks haha.

I shall remember that you only sip shots, and I'll reserve the ice glasses for hardcore drinkers. You can have an orange juice shot! The box says they can be made of juice, which is cool. Also, I think that it will be pretty fast. I mean freezer, fill, shot, throw it in the sink. Also [and here is the classy part] they could be served on a classy tray, and then can be put back on the tray. Classy, no?

I am well aware of the red and brown shirt's collar. I almost didn't buy it but it was the only one that size and I was like 'I'm a big boy, I can iron this' LOL

I know someone who bought TWELVE of the same shirt because they were 12 bucks. But like, thats 144 bucks plus tax. That's too much!

Are you sure you're not thinking of Material Girl? lol

That was not me [skinny jeans]. My whole life, I've known about look for the things that say Loose Fit, Relaxed Fit, Fat Fit, Unfit, etc. lol

It is true. I do have fitting pants, so it wasn't a large issue that I need more or anything.

I look forward to your next round of comments.

Anonymous said...

"You can have an orange juice shot!" Ok, sadly Andrew isn't with you, because HE even knows that I HATE CITRUS!

Love the jean types lol

Oh... sorry I don't have that many comments now.

i am playing outside said...

lol i always forget about the citrus thing. and i totally plan to have an OJ shot when theyre made just cuz itll be not a drinking time HAHA

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

You look GREAT in the green shirt! It's a good color for you.

Your roommate seems to be completely charm-free. You should put that mess on his pillow.

i am playing outside said...

thank you! Old Navy seems to be very good at making a green that works for me. i've got a hoodie that i bought at an Old Navy in D.C. [8 bucks, best hoodie ever] and it is a very similar and awesome green!

Steve said...

Bayshore... i almost got in a fight with a guy in the leChateau there last Feb.
He was being very racist towards the cashier, and steve doesn't play well with others all the time.
speaking of which, i am in Ottawa this weekend. birthday tradition, but bayshore is only 5mins from the friends who i stay with, and is still worth the trip.

Stacy said...

Oh, you did very well! I like the red and brown on for sure.

i am playing outside said...

yay! i'm glad you approve! ... i think the red and brown is my favourite shirt as well! [although overall, i like the watch and shoes best]

steve, if you happen to make it to a bar, go to Element and/or SIN on Elgin on Friday night. I'll be there! lol