Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Motivation

I have decided to become more motivated. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am in a Social Motivation class. In fact, the two chapters of that textbook which I have read so far were the worst part of my week, and certainly did not promote further motivation to continue reading the book.

I have decided that, as a way to hopefully get to class as often as I can, I have added a Missed Classes section to the right, where I will add every time that I miss a class. If that list gets long, I'm going to be embarrassed, so I hope that will keep me going to class. I already missed two last week due to misreading my new schedule. Boo.

In terms of doing my readings, I am in dire need of a system to keep on track of those. Last semester, I started off very well with my readings, but halfway through the semester, I stopped looking at my course syllabuses, so I stopped doing my readings. Yesterday, I took each syllabus and compiled a list of every reading I have to do this semester, along with the dates they need to be done by. The readings are nicely coloured to distinguish each course, and any reading that I didn't get done on time will be in black. This will let me know pretty quickly what I have to get done. The list will stay right on my desktop so I can check it often.

I find that when I do my readings before the class, I am able to pay attention and understand better in class. That obviously leads to improved learning, etc. etc.


Now for some news related to that Remote Sensing exam that my class from last semester is contesting. Yesterday, 5 of us went to a meeting with the prof [douche] and the department head, who was there to mediate. The prof was incredibly rude to us. At one point, he even accused 3 of the 5 of us of never attending the class, which I insane. I missed two classes, and one was the first day and I wasn't registered in the course at that point. The prof rambled on and was continually rude to us, trying to say that we had no right to be contesting the exam.

I would like to remind him that we are paying his salary as a service we are getting, so we damn well have every right to contest it.

The prof was very unwillingly to change anything, but the mediator urged him to [apparently he has be called out for this sort of thing before, and we were nice enough to go to him rather than the Dean or Arts, who would have made this a much bigger deal, so he should cut us some slack since half the class has already signed a letter saying that they were unhappy with the exam].

The resolution we are looking for is to have the final exam worth only 15% of the final mark, rather than 30%, and have that 15% made up and adjust the marks of the 8 labs we did to make up the difference, since the labs were the work that most pertained to the course content.

Two of the girls also discovered quite a gem: almost ALL of the prof's lectures and assignments were copied directly from two websites, on being the NASA website, and they were never cited or credited. After the final exam stuff is resolved, win or lose, we will be bringing this to the attention of the Dean. If a student can be expelled immediately for plagiarizing once, then a prof should be FIRED for plagiarizing an entire course.


Stacy said...

Good for you.

A good way to think about motivation is that it can neither be created or lost. We are all motivated equally - it just depends on how we use our motivation.

Someone who lies on there couch all day was as motivated to do that as you are to get great marks and lead a fulfilling life.

This theory appealed to me because it eliminates the fear of LOSING my motivation.

Rebecca said...

OMG what happened did he get in trouble for plagiarizing?