Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Ladies

So far, I've had three classes, and each prof was a woman. [My other two profs, whose classes I haven't had yet, will be a man and a gay man lol]. I find it so odd... I'm so used to male profs.

These woman are all in their late 40s-50s and they all seem to be pretty great. This makes me happy, because I often get profs who are a bit less than enjoyable.

Today's classes were Social Motivation and Psychology of Death and Dying. I think I could take or leave the Motivation class, but the Death class seems like it will be awesome! The prof is hilarious, and apparently there will be lots of videos [although somewhat heavy subjects, obviously]. There will also be 10% of the final mark that we will be automatically given if we hand in two small opinion-based assignments. All we have to do is write LESS THAN 3 pages of opinion about a subject, and we get full marks. EASY!

The only bad part is that the class is on the top floor of a building with no elevator. The stairs are rough for a lot of people HAHA.

The weather has been super warm lately. Way too warm. Its bad, because I'm afraid that the Rideau Canal wont happen this year. But, it has allowed me to walk home from school, and its 1.5-2 km based on where I am on campus, so its a good walk!


Anonymous said...

Since i forgot to ask for skates for Christmas I wont be TOO sad about the Canal. I just want to see Winterlude, which also goes on no matter what it seems.

Anonymous said...

I took a Death and Dying class in college. I got a B on my term paper BECAUSE my instructor thought I SHOULDN'T express my opinion in it. People who know me well and had read other papers of mine said it was the best paper I had written. So screw his B-grading.

Enjoy the course and enjoy the walk up the flight of stairs!

i am playing outside said...

I will enjoy the class, but no promise on enjoying the stairs hehe