Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Lacklustre

The past few days have been post-free, as I haven't been doing too much. Ok, so I have been doing stuff, but mainly class, and a secret project that I shall not share right now since I want to see it before letting too many people know [Adam and Natasha know, but they should shut the hell up LOL].

On Tuesday, I did a sediment particle size analysis lab, which was slightly more fun than you'd think, if only for the fact that I was using a $70, 000 machine! Basically, I spent 90 minutes running 9 samples of dirt through a machine and waiting for printouts. This happened after I mixed the samples in water with a magnetic mixer. Pretty sweet, I must say. If you can't tell, my favourite Geography classes involve actually doing labs and work. None of that sitting there and listening crap! Ultimately, I will have to analyze the data of the printouts and compare the sizes of particles, colours, shapes, and many other things in order to try to determine what type of rocks they are, and where in the world they came from. Quite the challenge, I must say!

Other than that, I've mainly just been reading and stuff.

I've also watched the first two episodes of the new CBC show MVP [The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives] which I personally think is friggin' fantastic! You should all check it out [I know that you can watch the episodes on the CBC website].

I've got big plans in the next few days: Thursday is class, lunch with Jeff and hopefully going to see Cloverfield with Andrew. Friday is class, lunch with Justin and Christina and then drinks or something with Andrew and some old friend of his. Saturday is supposed to be my big 'i got lots of gift cards for Christmas' shopping spree, as long as Andrew is available, since I'd like some shopping company hehe.

I hope you all have some big plans of your own!


Anonymous said...

Why was I not informed of a secret project? I'm hurt.

Also, I'm a wee bit saddened by the fact that you watch MVP, because every time I see though commercials, I think to myself "I'm pretty sure I don't know any hockey wives, this show is dumb"

My weekend plans include me FINALLY playing the game "What's that smell?" in my kitchen. I'm excited, as it's been long overdue lol

i am playing outside said...

lol its not just about the hockey wives lol

eew that game sounds gross