Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Hot Cops

Today was a good day. I woke up at 7am [horrible] and I slowly got ready and made it to class for 8:30. By the time the halfway break came along at 10am, I had discovered that no other humans are awake at such an ungodly time, so the fact that I was on MSN and Facebook during class wasn't all that beneficial. I was talking to Jessica beside me a bit, but you can't [see: shouldn't] talk too much in class, obviously. The good on the other side of me seemed friendly enough since she would make a small comment every now and then, and she was like 'frig... why is no one else on Facebook?' and Jessica and I were like 'I know... the three of us are hitting refresh every 30 seconds but nothing new is happening" and that's when it hit us. We had to keep Facebook alive FOR EACH OTHER. I added left girl [Helen] and the three of us were like frenzied with our Facebooking each other. I got 30 or 40 new posts on my wall within about an hour. The best part was that we were being pretty hilarious [although it was early and it could have been some sort of early morning insanity] and it was very difficult to not burst out laughing. It was great.

Class ended at 11:20 and I had 25 mins to kill before I needed to head to F&S to meet Justin and Christina for lunch, so I dropped into the special geography students' room to chat with Sierra and Colleen and the gang. Sierra had shortbread for all. Mine had a sweet bunny pattern on it. I chatted with them and eventually went to lunch. Christina has been telling me forever that she had a small Christmas gift for me [I'm talking month and a half now] and so finally she was going to give it to me, but I was like *crap, I have nothing* so last night at about midnight, I busted out a pic of the two of them together from a year ago in the same restaurant, and I stuck it on a canvas, took a knife that may have still had peanut butter on it, scraped some paint around and let it dry overnight. Here is a blurry picture of what that looked like:

It looks better in person. The parts that are really scraped off remind me of an old couch my grandma had. That's pretty awesome. By the way, my part of the gift was a little rooster that stands there and doesn't do too much. I think my gift was better HAHA. But they bought my lunch [Justin has a sweet job in the real world] so that was awesome of them :)

I went home and fell asleep because I was tired. I woke up and did some homework, and then I met Andrew and his old friend Cerys for drinks and nachos. We had a great night. It rocked. There could be lots of details here right now, but I'm tired lol.

On the way home, I cut through the Rideau Center and there was some punkass idiot mouthing off to the Hot Cops, asking if they wanted to fight. You see, the hot cops had been posing near a railing, which is not uncommon for them. They started walking toward the punkass with big smiles on their faces, and as I walked by them, I was smiling really big too and I said 'go kick his ass' and one of the Hot Cops looked at me and said 'it would be my pleasure' HAHAHA. Good times. I kept going, but I'm pretty sure there was no beatings. Just a 'get the hell out of here'.

Just in case you're wondering, the Hot Cops are the security guards at the Rideau Center. It seems that the security team is based entirely upon their extreme hotness levels. The Hot Cops may be seen leaning on railings in pairs, leaning on storefronts in pairs, or standing in groups of 3 or more near an entrance. There is one female security officer, but she does not seem to fall into the same Hot Cop category. Oh well... I thought it was interesting to note that I actually conversed with the Hot Cops, since they are generally seen just standing around and looking pretty. Or MAYBE they were willing to speak to me because they feel like I'm hot enough to be one of them. Hmm.

Hot Cops is also our lovely homage to Arrested Development. It's like walking into a living classics pageant. Annyong.


Anonymous said...

I'm kinda disappointed that these Hot Cop weren't strippers. Also that there wasn't a random Carpenter with them.

i am playing outside said...

hold on a second. now, we don't KNOW that they aren't strippers. i just haven't SEEN them strip yet. but i will let you know if i ever see like a construction worker or a sailor walk by them lol