Monday, January 28, 2008

The Cold Shots

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought a mold to make shot glasses out of ice [but of course, they can be made from juice, jello [messy] or even hardened chocolate! Woo!] Of course, I had to test them out as soon as I got home. I left them to freeze for 4 or 5 hours, and they were ready when I checked on them. I carefully popped them out of the mold, but eventually realized that the mold is very durable and can withstand the necessary force needed to pop them out [its not quite as simple as an ice cube tray!] I filled them up with orange juice, and I had a delicious round of OJ shots!

I did notice, however, that they seemed a bit cloudy. I learned online that to make the ice clearer, I should use boiled distilled water. I tried again today with boiled water [not distilled] and they were definitely clearer, so that was great!

After a while, the glasses began to melt. Quite frankly, they were the easiest party you could possibly clean up after!

My theory about these shot glasses is that you can serve them on a lovely tray, thus classing up your get together by at least 10%!


In other awesome news, my cousin Tommy [stock trader] and his fiancée Marie [lawyer] have just moved into their lovely new house in Toronto. With a new house comes a need for new furnishings, and Tommy came to me with a request.

He told me that he has seen the paintings I have done in my mom's house [which I just do for fun] and he loves them. [This made me happy]. He then told me that he is looking for something very large, and he'd like to pay me to paint it. [This scared me, and I didn't know if he was lying or not].

He told me that he wants a 6x8 foot painting. That is 8 times larger than anything I've ever done before. He wants something very geometric, with lots of red and warm colours [this made me ecstatic, since I'm a great lover of shapes and red LOL]. We chatted and he basically wants to give me free reign on it, and I'm not to stress about him liking it or not, because he's sure that he will. Gah!

We ended the conversation with him telling me to figure out how much money I needed up front for supplies.

This afternoon, Tommy messaged me again and told me that he did some measuring, and he'd like to cut the size by half, so we are now looking at a 4x6 foot canvas. This was a huge relief, because [1] the 8 footer would have JUST fit in my apartment, and I would have needed a ladder, and [2] 4x6 foot happens to be the largest size of canvas that you can buy in the stores here, and I would have had to get something custom made otherwise. So we are now down to a canvas that is still 4 times larger than anything I've ever done, but it will be much more manageable. I figured that I would need about $250 for supplies, so he said a cheque is on its way. Luckily, I've got the cash to cover it, so I can go ahead and pick things up before the cheque gets here. I told him that I'd like to be done with everything by mid-March, and he seemed happy about that.

So now I just have to figure out how to get a big ass canvas to my apartment. I'm sure as hell not carrying it! I'm excited, y'all! I'll keep you updated! I think I'm going to go sketch it out now!


Anonymous said...

oooo sweet paintingness!

i am playing outside said...


Anonymous said...

We'll probably want to try out your icy shot glasses when John and Kathryn come by. Looks like that will be Tuesday night.

i am playing outside said...

ok i should be able to make tuesday ... ill need to do some hardcore work on the days prior to tuesday lol