Monday, January 21, 2008

The Cat Sit

The past weekend, I was house sitting / cat feeding for a guy I know. The house was awesome... three floors plus basement, it had a sweet huge whirlpool tub, and i mean its much more nicely furnished than my place LOL

The cat was super good, but I didn't spend a whole ton of time there anyway, because Andrew's place is only a block away! Yay! ... He was still sick all weekend, but we hung out every day and enjoyed lots of good TV hehe.

But now I'm back home. Back to a guitar trying to drown out my music, just seconds after the roommate said he'd be going for a nap. I swear, he's never done anything at the time he said he was going to!

I can't believe I have so little to discuss right now. I guess I didn't really do much this weekend other then watch TV with Andrew LOL. I'll make sure I have something better soon! :P

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