Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Sketch

Last night, I tried to post [and comment on many of your blogs] but things were not working properly, so here I go again.

This is the sketch I have done for my big commissioned painting. I like it. The bottom right area, I don't exactly know what I'll do there yet. Something spontaneous, no doubt. I've also come up with my supply list, and I'm thinking that it will be closer to 300 bucks. We'll see. Oh well... if I go over my 250 budget, I just get to say I need more money. Woo!

I have a busy day today. Maybe I'll tell you all about it tonight! Woo!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Cold Shots

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought a mold to make shot glasses out of ice [but of course, they can be made from juice, jello [messy] or even hardened chocolate! Woo!] Of course, I had to test them out as soon as I got home. I left them to freeze for 4 or 5 hours, and they were ready when I checked on them. I carefully popped them out of the mold, but eventually realized that the mold is very durable and can withstand the necessary force needed to pop them out [its not quite as simple as an ice cube tray!] I filled them up with orange juice, and I had a delicious round of OJ shots!

I did notice, however, that they seemed a bit cloudy. I learned online that to make the ice clearer, I should use boiled distilled water. I tried again today with boiled water [not distilled] and they were definitely clearer, so that was great!

After a while, the glasses began to melt. Quite frankly, they were the easiest party you could possibly clean up after!

My theory about these shot glasses is that you can serve them on a lovely tray, thus classing up your get together by at least 10%!


In other awesome news, my cousin Tommy [stock trader] and his fiancée Marie [lawyer] have just moved into their lovely new house in Toronto. With a new house comes a need for new furnishings, and Tommy came to me with a request.

He told me that he has seen the paintings I have done in my mom's house [which I just do for fun] and he loves them. [This made me happy]. He then told me that he is looking for something very large, and he'd like to pay me to paint it. [This scared me, and I didn't know if he was lying or not].

He told me that he wants a 6x8 foot painting. That is 8 times larger than anything I've ever done before. He wants something very geometric, with lots of red and warm colours [this made me ecstatic, since I'm a great lover of shapes and red LOL]. We chatted and he basically wants to give me free reign on it, and I'm not to stress about him liking it or not, because he's sure that he will. Gah!

We ended the conversation with him telling me to figure out how much money I needed up front for supplies.

This afternoon, Tommy messaged me again and told me that he did some measuring, and he'd like to cut the size by half, so we are now looking at a 4x6 foot canvas. This was a huge relief, because [1] the 8 footer would have JUST fit in my apartment, and I would have needed a ladder, and [2] 4x6 foot happens to be the largest size of canvas that you can buy in the stores here, and I would have had to get something custom made otherwise. So we are now down to a canvas that is still 4 times larger than anything I've ever done, but it will be much more manageable. I figured that I would need about $250 for supplies, so he said a cheque is on its way. Luckily, I've got the cash to cover it, so I can go ahead and pick things up before the cheque gets here. I told him that I'd like to be done with everything by mid-March, and he seemed happy about that.

So now I just have to figure out how to get a big ass canvas to my apartment. I'm sure as hell not carrying it! I'm excited, y'all! I'll keep you updated! I think I'm going to go sketch it out now!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Shopping Spree

For Christmas, I generally get a nice amount of gift cards. Definitely a nice amount. Today, I finally got to the mall to spend! Andrew and I went to Bayshore [which is the farthest mall, but my favourite. I live within 5 minutes of two malls, but Bayshore is worth the trip!]

For your viewing pleasure, I did a little fashion show of what I bought.

The first stop [after lunch] was Old Navy.

I need T-shirts sometimes, because I wear like 3 in a rotation. Mainly under sweatshirts, but still... I'm sure everyone knows about my yellow Beastie Boys hamburger T-shirt.

I like brown a lot, so it seemed like a good T-shirt colour as well. They were 2 for $15, so two T-shirts is a great choice! HAHA

This shirt is red. I wanted to buy pretty much the exact same shirt at American Apparel, but I actually didn't feel comfortable enough going in there by myself, because it's just not a Michael store. I'd feel judged. LOL This is the fatter looking picture of the two that I took of this shirt, but I accidentally deleted the other one. Pretend I'm thin.

This shirt is green. This is the only shade of green that I like and/or will wear.

Next, we went to Mrs. Tiggy Winkles, just because people friggin' love that store. I saw these before, but I finally decided to buy the mold to make shot glasses out of ice. I've got the water freezing right now, so I'll take a picture when they're done. I'm excited!

Bluenotes was up next, and I found these two lovely shirts:

I saw this shirt from across the room, and i thought *red? brown? what could go wrong?*

Then I saw this shirt close by, and I thought *brown? other brown? yes!*

So yes, I did buy three sets of two matching shirts, but honestly, I love them all very much. And they were good prices!

Andrew bought us some ice cream at Laura Secord, we chatted it up with his friend Kayla who was working her one shift a week at Mexx, he bought a nice black dress shirt that I picked out, and then we were off to West 49 for the second time, since I hadn't liked any of the clothes or shoes the first stop there.

I was there for a watch. I love Nixon watches. Love them. They're my favourite subcategory of my overall love for watches and clocks. Timepieces, really. Love them. Look how nice this watch is! ... I had two gift cards for the store, and like 4 bucks on a third one that I hadn't used in the past, and I had to add a considerable amount of my own money to buy it, but I love the watch. Yay!

We were finally done shopping, so of course that meant we stopped into the shoe store Spring.

These shoes are beautiful. They are very well fitted, and are much smaller and lighter than the skate shoes I normally wear. This was the whole theme of my day of shopping: to find clothes that fit me properly and aren't all baggy and stupid like most of the clothes I pretend i like but I absolutely hate. I like them a lot and they feel great. I've been wearing them all night just to break them in a bit.

As you can see, I bought no pants today. This annoyed me a little bit, but every pair of pants I tried on were too small even though they are the same size of the ones I was wearing. Even some from the same store. Pain in the ass. I was not buying BIGGER pants because I don't think I should have to, and since I plan on losing some weight, I don't feel that I should. Also, people notice if you are wearing the same shirts more than the same jeans.

It was a great shopping spree, and now I'm exhausted.

One last thing. My roommate is gone for the weekend on a ski trip. I generally don't go in the living room, so it is usually messy, but I'd normally not care. Well tonight, I decided to watch some TV in the living room. He left it a bit messy, but it seemed fine. Then, I go over and sit on a chair, and between the chair and the couch, hidden out of view from anywhere in the apartment that I would normally be, I found this:


The Surface Analysis

Last night, Andrew was catching up with a friend he hadn't seen in about two years, but he wanted me to show up late so they could have some good one on one time before I got there. I got there about an hour late, and when asked where I was, I simply said 'I was at home making maps."

The reaction was interesting, naturally. The maps are a surface analysis of Mount Shasta which is in California and can be found on Wikipedia HERE. This is what I was up to:

On the left: a black and white elevation image looking down on the mountain.
On the right: i created a 3D relief of the mountain to give it depth, and the colours are to represent the changes in elevation.

On the left: the flat elevation image.
On the right: elevation contour lines with an interval of 100 meters, with a dark line representing every 500 meters, and the green line represents the tree line at 2621 meters.

On the left: the same flat elevation image.
On the right: green represents flat surfaces, red represents steep slopes, and everything else in between follows the colour vs. gradient ratio.

On the left: that same flat elevation map that you all know and love.
On the right: i made the image 3D again, like in the first one. the two green triangles represent lookout towers that are 100 meters high. the purpose was to determine where to place a third tower. the light green areas can be seen from one tower, the dark green areas can be seen from both towers, and the regular land cannot be seen. you would put your third tower in a dark green area.

This is what I do at school.

The Hot Cops

Today was a good day. I woke up at 7am [horrible] and I slowly got ready and made it to class for 8:30. By the time the halfway break came along at 10am, I had discovered that no other humans are awake at such an ungodly time, so the fact that I was on MSN and Facebook during class wasn't all that beneficial. I was talking to Jessica beside me a bit, but you can't [see: shouldn't] talk too much in class, obviously. The good on the other side of me seemed friendly enough since she would make a small comment every now and then, and she was like 'frig... why is no one else on Facebook?' and Jessica and I were like 'I know... the three of us are hitting refresh every 30 seconds but nothing new is happening" and that's when it hit us. We had to keep Facebook alive FOR EACH OTHER. I added left girl [Helen] and the three of us were like frenzied with our Facebooking each other. I got 30 or 40 new posts on my wall within about an hour. The best part was that we were being pretty hilarious [although it was early and it could have been some sort of early morning insanity] and it was very difficult to not burst out laughing. It was great.

Class ended at 11:20 and I had 25 mins to kill before I needed to head to F&S to meet Justin and Christina for lunch, so I dropped into the special geography students' room to chat with Sierra and Colleen and the gang. Sierra had shortbread for all. Mine had a sweet bunny pattern on it. I chatted with them and eventually went to lunch. Christina has been telling me forever that she had a small Christmas gift for me [I'm talking month and a half now] and so finally she was going to give it to me, but I was like *crap, I have nothing* so last night at about midnight, I busted out a pic of the two of them together from a year ago in the same restaurant, and I stuck it on a canvas, took a knife that may have still had peanut butter on it, scraped some paint around and let it dry overnight. Here is a blurry picture of what that looked like:

It looks better in person. The parts that are really scraped off remind me of an old couch my grandma had. That's pretty awesome. By the way, my part of the gift was a little rooster that stands there and doesn't do too much. I think my gift was better HAHA. But they bought my lunch [Justin has a sweet job in the real world] so that was awesome of them :)

I went home and fell asleep because I was tired. I woke up and did some homework, and then I met Andrew and his old friend Cerys for drinks and nachos. We had a great night. It rocked. There could be lots of details here right now, but I'm tired lol.

On the way home, I cut through the Rideau Center and there was some punkass idiot mouthing off to the Hot Cops, asking if they wanted to fight. You see, the hot cops had been posing near a railing, which is not uncommon for them. They started walking toward the punkass with big smiles on their faces, and as I walked by them, I was smiling really big too and I said 'go kick his ass' and one of the Hot Cops looked at me and said 'it would be my pleasure' HAHAHA. Good times. I kept going, but I'm pretty sure there was no beatings. Just a 'get the hell out of here'.

Just in case you're wondering, the Hot Cops are the security guards at the Rideau Center. It seems that the security team is based entirely upon their extreme hotness levels. The Hot Cops may be seen leaning on railings in pairs, leaning on storefronts in pairs, or standing in groups of 3 or more near an entrance. There is one female security officer, but she does not seem to fall into the same Hot Cop category. Oh well... I thought it was interesting to note that I actually conversed with the Hot Cops, since they are generally seen just standing around and looking pretty. Or MAYBE they were willing to speak to me because they feel like I'm hot enough to be one of them. Hmm.

Hot Cops is also our lovely homage to Arrested Development. It's like walking into a living classics pageant. Annyong.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Lacklustre

The past few days have been post-free, as I haven't been doing too much. Ok, so I have been doing stuff, but mainly class, and a secret project that I shall not share right now since I want to see it before letting too many people know [Adam and Natasha know, but they should shut the hell up LOL].

On Tuesday, I did a sediment particle size analysis lab, which was slightly more fun than you'd think, if only for the fact that I was using a $70, 000 machine! Basically, I spent 90 minutes running 9 samples of dirt through a machine and waiting for printouts. This happened after I mixed the samples in water with a magnetic mixer. Pretty sweet, I must say. If you can't tell, my favourite Geography classes involve actually doing labs and work. None of that sitting there and listening crap! Ultimately, I will have to analyze the data of the printouts and compare the sizes of particles, colours, shapes, and many other things in order to try to determine what type of rocks they are, and where in the world they came from. Quite the challenge, I must say!

Other than that, I've mainly just been reading and stuff.

I've also watched the first two episodes of the new CBC show MVP [The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives] which I personally think is friggin' fantastic! You should all check it out [I know that you can watch the episodes on the CBC website].

I've got big plans in the next few days: Thursday is class, lunch with Jeff and hopefully going to see Cloverfield with Andrew. Friday is class, lunch with Justin and Christina and then drinks or something with Andrew and some old friend of his. Saturday is supposed to be my big 'i got lots of gift cards for Christmas' shopping spree, as long as Andrew is available, since I'd like some shopping company hehe.

I hope you all have some big plans of your own!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Cat Sit

The past weekend, I was house sitting / cat feeding for a guy I know. The house was awesome... three floors plus basement, it had a sweet huge whirlpool tub, and i mean its much more nicely furnished than my place LOL

The cat was super good, but I didn't spend a whole ton of time there anyway, because Andrew's place is only a block away! Yay! ... He was still sick all weekend, but we hung out every day and enjoyed lots of good TV hehe.

But now I'm back home. Back to a guitar trying to drown out my music, just seconds after the roommate said he'd be going for a nap. I swear, he's never done anything at the time he said he was going to!

I can't believe I have so little to discuss right now. I guess I didn't really do much this weekend other then watch TV with Andrew LOL. I'll make sure I have something better soon! :P

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Success

This just in: our Remote Sensing exam mark has been reduced from 30% to 20% and the labs have been bumped to take up the remainder. We won!

Today was a good day. We had our first Geomorphology lab, which was fun. I made two new friends [Evan and possibly Matt? LOL]. We examined rock samples, classified them, and then sifted them to get the smallest particles to be analyzed next week. Its better than you'd think! [Its fun actually DOING THINGS, not just listening].

After class, I went to Andrew's and did my laundry for several hours, and I did three readings for class, which means I'm now all caught up AND slightly ahead on my readings. Yay!

Andrew is sick, so I made him some soup and didn't get too close for too long at a time LOL. I hope he gets better soon!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Motivation

I have decided to become more motivated. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am in a Social Motivation class. In fact, the two chapters of that textbook which I have read so far were the worst part of my week, and certainly did not promote further motivation to continue reading the book.

I have decided that, as a way to hopefully get to class as often as I can, I have added a Missed Classes section to the right, where I will add every time that I miss a class. If that list gets long, I'm going to be embarrassed, so I hope that will keep me going to class. I already missed two last week due to misreading my new schedule. Boo.

In terms of doing my readings, I am in dire need of a system to keep on track of those. Last semester, I started off very well with my readings, but halfway through the semester, I stopped looking at my course syllabuses, so I stopped doing my readings. Yesterday, I took each syllabus and compiled a list of every reading I have to do this semester, along with the dates they need to be done by. The readings are nicely coloured to distinguish each course, and any reading that I didn't get done on time will be in black. This will let me know pretty quickly what I have to get done. The list will stay right on my desktop so I can check it often.

I find that when I do my readings before the class, I am able to pay attention and understand better in class. That obviously leads to improved learning, etc. etc.


Now for some news related to that Remote Sensing exam that my class from last semester is contesting. Yesterday, 5 of us went to a meeting with the prof [douche] and the department head, who was there to mediate. The prof was incredibly rude to us. At one point, he even accused 3 of the 5 of us of never attending the class, which I insane. I missed two classes, and one was the first day and I wasn't registered in the course at that point. The prof rambled on and was continually rude to us, trying to say that we had no right to be contesting the exam.

I would like to remind him that we are paying his salary as a service we are getting, so we damn well have every right to contest it.

The prof was very unwillingly to change anything, but the mediator urged him to [apparently he has be called out for this sort of thing before, and we were nice enough to go to him rather than the Dean or Arts, who would have made this a much bigger deal, so he should cut us some slack since half the class has already signed a letter saying that they were unhappy with the exam].

The resolution we are looking for is to have the final exam worth only 15% of the final mark, rather than 30%, and have that 15% made up and adjust the marks of the 8 labs we did to make up the difference, since the labs were the work that most pertained to the course content.

Two of the girls also discovered quite a gem: almost ALL of the prof's lectures and assignments were copied directly from two websites, on being the NASA website, and they were never cited or credited. After the final exam stuff is resolved, win or lose, we will be bringing this to the attention of the Dean. If a student can be expelled immediately for plagiarizing once, then a prof should be FIRED for plagiarizing an entire course.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Faulkner

Two and a half years ago, I purchased the book 'As I Lay Dying' by William Faulkner

My high school English teacher, Mrs. Scott, said that it is a very good book, so I decided to take her word for it. The book is written with thick southern accents, poor grammar, and is completely nonsensical in parts. I knew of this challenge going into the book, but I was blown away by the actual difficulty of it all. I could only read a chapter at a time.

Six months later, I was only 100 pages into the book, and I basically put it away. A year and a half passed before I decided to pick it up again [August 2007]. I decided to start back at the beginning. Again, the book was very difficult to work my way through, although this time I knew the general goings on of the first 100 pages, so it was a bit easier. I made my way to the halfway point by Christmas, and I had planned to finish the book during the holidays but there was no time.

Finally, this past week, I forced myself to sit down and read. Once I got into the second half, the book actually started to pick up, and progress was being made [none of the 'My mother is a fish' crap that the first half of the book is about]. So in 5 months, I read the first half of the book, and in 3 or 4 days, I read the second half.

I am proud of myself for finally making it through the damn thing, and now I can move onto something light by a new Will F: Will Ferguson's 'Why I Hate Canadians'.

RATING: I would play outside 3.5 out of 5 times with 'As I Lay Dying'.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Elgin Street Diner

Tonight, Mando and Michelle [Renfrew friends in Ottawa!] went out to dinner at the Elgin Street Diner. Mando dissed the waiter and he heard it and it was funny [by the way, I never got my water, even after he said he'd bring it. damn him!]. I took several pictures but they all turned out pretty crappy. Here are two that did work.

Michelle. This picture started out as a picture of her glass, but that was actually a picture of the glass and her chest, so I made it a bit more tasteful.

This is the fun face that we came up with. Sad, I know. Shh.

After eating, we wandered down the street to Michelle's so we could hang out, because Mando had never been there. We ended up sitting in her room for two or three hours listening to her ipod... she has like every guilty pleasure song ever on that thing. We had a great time singing old songs. It was friggin' awesome.

After that, we walked down to Albert St. to see the movie Juno. If you haven't seen it, you must. It is wonderful and nice. You should stop reading this right now so you can rush out to see it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Milestones

Dear Precious Readers,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you today. You see, this is my 100th post, and the 150th day of this blog.

In the past, I've had countless blogs, journals, websites, and more; all failures. But this time, I found some lovely people who actually decided to read about what I had to say. That's pretty fantastic!

So thank you to everyone who has read about my past 150 days. Now go out and have a drink in celebration!


The Ladies

So far, I've had three classes, and each prof was a woman. [My other two profs, whose classes I haven't had yet, will be a man and a gay man lol]. I find it so odd... I'm so used to male profs.

These woman are all in their late 40s-50s and they all seem to be pretty great. This makes me happy, because I often get profs who are a bit less than enjoyable.

Today's classes were Social Motivation and Psychology of Death and Dying. I think I could take or leave the Motivation class, but the Death class seems like it will be awesome! The prof is hilarious, and apparently there will be lots of videos [although somewhat heavy subjects, obviously]. There will also be 10% of the final mark that we will be automatically given if we hand in two small opinion-based assignments. All we have to do is write LESS THAN 3 pages of opinion about a subject, and we get full marks. EASY!

The only bad part is that the class is on the top floor of a building with no elevator. The stairs are rough for a lot of people HAHA.

The weather has been super warm lately. Way too warm. Its bad, because I'm afraid that the Rideau Canal wont happen this year. But, it has allowed me to walk home from school, and its 1.5-2 km based on where I am on campus, so its a good walk!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Nine

Today was the first day of my 6th semester of university. I walked into the geography building as I so often had. I saw Mandy and said hi... she saw a woman who smiled at me and said hi to her. I continued on down the hall towards my Advanced Geomorphology class. As I approached, I looked in the window of the door and saw no one in the first few rows at the front. I grabbed the doorknob and swung the door open to find four girls sitting near the back of the room. A few minutes later, another guy came in. Then the woman came in, and the class began.

6 people present. 9 people are actually in the class. 14 people are required to ensure that the class doesn't get canceled. Things are a bit scary at this point. I do not want to get stranded without a 5th course, or having to join another class late and be behind. I guess I should hold off on buying the book.

The prof was a woman... the first I've ever had for a geography class, other than the one day last year that I was in Political Geography and on the first day, the prof told us that there would be an extreme focus on feminism in the class. I walked out immediately and went home and dropped that course within minutes. The prof that I'll hopefully be having for this semester seems pretty nice, although I'm afraid of how much I'll really have to pay attention since the class is so small. I certainly wont be missing the class HAHA.

After class, I ran into Mandy again, who was with Amy. They were waiting to meet with a prof. about that Remote Sensing exam that we're contesting. A minute later, Sierra walked in, and I was very excited to see her! She is pretty much the queen of geography and awesomeness, but I haven't seen her in the past 8 months. First, she was in Kentucky for the summer, and then the Arctic for school, and then Oslo for last semester. She is finally back. AND, she lives right upstairs in my building! She's probably above me right now! Yay!

My walk home was nice. It was extremely foggy out, and things were either grey objects, or a white wall behind them. It was pretty creepy, because I couldn't see the apartment buildings where I live until I was very close. I was about 200 feet away and I could only see one of the five in the area. My building was just a white empty space, and it was crazy.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Swim

In the summer, Andrew started teaching me how to swim. I was always afraid of water, so I never ever went swimming, other than the few weeks of mandatory swimming lessons in grade 3.

The first couple of times we swam, we got me used to being in the water. The first time took me about 45 minutes until I was at all comfortable with being there. We went about 10 times, and I started improving a bit. Then, we just stopped going. Who knows why.

I wanted to start going today, so today we went. I had a great time, and I think I did better than ever. I certainly did more continuous swimming than ever before. Much less floating around than normal. HAHA

I'm leaving my shorts at Andrew's so that the option of swimming will be there every time I go. Yay!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Hair

You may have read my previous post, in which I have featured this lovely head of hair in my student card photo:

This, as you can see, is not a pretty sight. But I have carried this picture in my wallet every day for the past 29 months, and will continue to do so until it expires in August, 2010. [At which point, I won't be able to get $2 off a bus ride home anymore. Boo.]

I shall put it out there RIGHT NOW why this picture is so bad.

The summer after grade 12, I had my hair dyed black. Each year, I dyed my hair the night before school started, to make it a fresh new year. As I was going off to university after this summer, I decided to get a nice hair cut at that point as well, which meant that I left my hair to grow for an extra two or three weeks longer than I normally would have.

One day, Josh and his family were going to uOttawa to take the tour since he thought it would benefit him since school was starting in a week and he had never seen the campus. I decided to go too, even though I already knew it well. After the tour, he was going to get a few administrative things out of the way, including getting his student card. I had not planned on getting mine until school actually started a week later, but I said "Hey, what the hell!"


The day was hot and I was very sweaty. This meant that my already-ugly hair took the nice shape of my hat which they made me take off for the picture. Add that to the fact that I look like a face on a neck in this picture, and it has all the makings of the world's ugliest student card.

Just for a fun little comparison, here is me two or three weeks later during my 17 hour Monopoly game against Emilie, which I eventually won. This head features nicely cut, beautiful red hair, my naturally swirling sideburns, and a chin. Also, I weighed about 25 pounds less at that point. Jerks.

The Loan Line

Today I spent a million hours in the line to pick up my OSAP. Well, not even to get the money, just to get the forms filled out. And maybe not a million hours, but three for sure.


So anyway, I made this special map so you can follow along as I detail my journey through the OSAP line, which was apparently a tour for students to get themselves acquainted with the University Center.

The line started in the main hallway. In previous years, this line would move into room 205 and then you would need to take your form to a different room, and that was it. Two steps. Simple.

This time, the line went around the entire Health Center, down a hallway that I wasn't even aware of, so I assume it was built over the Christmas holidays. By the time I got to the Tim Hortons [CLOSED! ANGER!] An hour and twenty minutes had passed. At this point, my cousin Krystle randomly appeared and she cut into the line with me. I was not a fan of this because I don't like people cutting in line, but she was company HAHA.


We weaved through a little maze to 4 stations which were set up and I had no idea what they were. We were asked for our student cards, and they were taken away from us. Then, the lady who took them came back with brand new student cards. I have three issues with this:

1. You gave me a new student card and used my hideous 2.5 year old picture? Why would you not take a new picture of me?

2. My old student card had good MEMORIES. It had my sticker for my first year meal plan. It had my all-access to sports games sticker. Little reminders from first year that I will never see again.

3. The new card has a chip in it. With information on it. But WHY? And WHAT INFORMATION?

After getting our student card, we proceeded to another desk where we were given further instructions on what our journey had in store for us, and a number. I was number 517, and we were currently at 468. We waited. And waited. Finally, Krystle got to go. And I waited. Then FINALLY, it was my turn to journey over to Room 205. On my way, I saw Darren and Gabby... two people from my floor in rez in first year... now a seemingly dirtbag couple. They were never nice people, so I carried on.

In Room 205, the lady looked at my brand new, sterile, same old hideous picture student card. She read my name, and moved towards the massive stack of papers in the R pile. She separated the stack about halfway through and landed on my name. We both went OH MY GOD. That woman is my new hero. I went at sat at some bleach blond twentysomething guy's station and he was about as exciting as an empty bowl of soup. We filled out the top half of my forms, and he sent me along to Room 308, even though I knew that I was supposed to go to Room 301 since signs told me this.

I was about to hit the stairs to go up to 301 and BAM. People are lined up all the way down the stairs. This has NEVER happened before. So now, Krystle and I have to wait in another line to go up the stairs and then around the open area upstairs until we finally make it to a room above the doors shown on my diagram. In this room, there are 5 people to serve about a thousand, and one is going home. 4 people now. I got to the only guy in the room and he asked for all my identification cards [student, drivers, social insurance] like 3 other people had already asked. *Usually if a person makes it to the last step, it is because they have already been let past the others.* The guy saw that I was from Renfrew and he knows someone from there, so we chatted. The woman beside him kept cutting in too. The guy was also checking me out a lot. It was odd. Finally, I signed my 5 signatures on the one page, and they all looked pretty much the same, which is the hardest thing I have to do every 4 months since my signature is never the same twice.

Finally, I was free. Free to walk that 1.5 kilometers back to my apartment, since I'm still a week away from actually getting the money for my loan, now that my forms are filled out, and I can't afford a bus pass until that money arrives. Fun!

I leave you now with the hideous picture of the hideous new student card, which is completely void of any memories except for this annoying day of waiting.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Start Of 2008

I got back to Ottawa yesterday around 3:30pm. I unpacked all my Christmas goodies and put them all away, because I hate disorganization. Later, I met Andrew and we went to Major's Hill Park near the Parliament Buildings to watch the midnight fireworks [which were to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Quebec City... and in my mind, the 150th anniversary of Renfrew... Happy Birthday Renfrew! And Quebec City! ... Ooh I've lived in both!]

We got there plenty early and there was a mighty chill in the air, so I wasted a few seconds by taking this picture of Parliament.

Here is Andrew and I, being cold. He hurt his foot somehow, but he was a trooper hobbling around so that I could enjoy the fireworks like I wanted. He rocks!

Yay Andrew!

After the fireworks, we came home and fell asleep watching TV. We then spent the entire day watching TV, which was mainly a Colin And Justin's Home Heist marathon. That show is fantastic. Andrew likes Colin, and I like Justin. LOL

Finally, we did this:

It is a bit short, so I'll let it get a bit longer. I don't think he loves it, but I do. Screw him! HAHA