Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Unwrapping

Christmas Day was a full one. After 4 hours of sleep, we were up at 8:30 to open presents with Momma and Darrell. Sadly, I only took three pictures of this, and they are all of my sister. We had a good time though, the four of us, with me in my penguin pyjamas from Andrew hehe. I gave mom a clock with black and white pictures around it, of us kids, her and darrel, her parents and her as a little girl. She LOVED it.

My gift for Alison was two film reel canisters which were packed with popcorn and movie candy, and also the movies Eraserhead [because she has wanted it forever and couldn't find it] and Reefer Madness [I went with a cult movies theme].

She absolutely LOVED the gift. But, in true 'Alison and Michael can guess anything' fashion, when she was still unwrapping the outer box, she was taking off the bow [made of a filmstrip] and she said "Is it Eraserhead?" ... a giant box and she guessed one of the DVDs? WHAT THE HELL!

But I can do it too. I can pick up two DVDs and tell you which is which. Alison and I are awesome.

After a quick nap, Alison and I were off to dad's for round two of gift fun.

Dad, Joanna, little tiny baby Angela and Josh.

Sarah and Rachel. Aaw.

Rachel playing with the [somewhat creepy] Shrek Barbie that Alison gave her. I gave her a nice tasteful tree ornament HAHA

Alison and Angela. Aww.

Joanne and the babies. Aww.



The family. Poorly set up, but they insisted on being on the floor, so I had to sneak in while the timer was going, and I look gigantic compared to everyone else. Dumb. lol

After the day of gift giving and receiving, I wont lie... everyone loved the gifts I gave. The little girls got ornaments, Josh and Sarah got candy and movie passes, and I got dad and Joanne a nice set of pasta bowls. It was the first time my dad has ever seemed like he truly ENJOYS what I got him, so I was really happy. Later that day, I gave my godmother [my aunt Frances] a sweet sushi set from an awesome store called Zone, and she was thrilled. Yay!

Things were pretty darn good on the receiving end too... I got a 40 and a mickey of amaretto, some DVDs [the last season of Seinfeld, to complete my collection, and seasons 2 and 3 of Lost], an insane amount of gift cards [like, I won't even say how much they total... its less than you're thinking, but its still a lot HAHA]. Most shockingly, my father bought my a shirt. A black zippered DC hoodie. And I frigging love it. Well done, dad!

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