Monday, December 17, 2007

The Stuck Bus

As many of you know, Ottawa and many other places were hit by a hell of a lot of snow today. A hell of a lot. Here's how that turned out:

Andrew's patio doors... the snow made its way through the screen and is just begging to be let inside!

There is no roof above his balcony, so the snow is starting to pile very high.

The parking lot got a nice covering too!

Another view of the massive snow pile on the balcony.

Nice snowy walk down the street. We got caught between two bus stops when our bus was coming [on its absolutely random schedule since the roads were bad] but the bus was very nice to stop for us anyway!

There was a bus stuck in the snow and guys were shoveling it out. Click the triangle and see for yourself!

We stopped by St. Laurent which was surprisingly busy for a mall on a crazy snow day. Then, we bused treacherously to Andrew's parents' place for supper, and they wrapped some presents and it was lots of fun. They gave me a gift and I guessed that it was the newest Harry Potter movie which adds yet another gift that I guessed correctly in life, because I'm friggin' awesome! I will watch the movie after typing this, and I'm glad they gave it to me because I forgot to ask for it for Christmas. Good call, Andrew's parents :D It was a wonderful night. Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

1) Throw a toque on the pile of snow and youve gotyourself a snowman!
2) Guessing gifts if forbidden in my house, and could result in mother returning the gifts.

i am playing outside said...



Anonymous said...

It's never happened, but she's threatened. No presents are allowed under the tree until Santa delivers ALL of them, to make sure guessing doesn't happen. Also, yes I still believe in Santa. Mom says if I don't , I don't get presents lol

i am playing outside said...

lol i love your mom