Friday, December 28, 2007

The Shopping Begins

Today started out as a nice relaxing day at home. That got pretty boring, so Momma and I went to spend some of my gift cards [I was spending, she was along for the treaturous, snowy ride]. We looked all over Home Hardware, but I didn't see anything I really liked. I came close to buying a cool DVD shelf in the shape of an X, but then I decided that I don't really need it. I will try again another day, or I will sell the card to Momma someday!

At Wal*Mart, I bought two DVDs... Smokin' Aces [which contains much blood, but it is so good that it DOESN'T make me queasy. Also, this is the movie that I saw on my first and only date-with-girl. Sorry Kailey! I also bought Super Troopers, because I had another $6 of gift card left, and I was NOT leaving without using that $6. $6.88 later, I own Super Troopers. Woo!

Upon arriving at home, I had to shovel the driveway and the mailman's path to the front steps, because the 1-3cm of snow we were supposed to get turned into about 6 inches. Bastards. It only took about 45 minutes, and I talked to our neighbour Colleen for a few of those minutes while she cleared off her car. After shoveling and supper, Mando and I went to Liquidation World for some fun lame shopping awesomeness.

We found these amazing Chinese man candles that were 4 for $1. That is a pretty good deal, so I decided to buy them. I also bought salt and pepper shakers shaped like metal dice, because they're sweet.

We found these little doll furnitures, so we put the men on them. There was also a beautiful tiny couch that fit the four men nicely, but that picture is on Mando's camera.

Jacey and the gang came over tonight to play Cranium.

Amanda and Derek were the eventual champions.

Lindsay and I were third, but we made up a lot of ground, so we were still happy! Momma took these pictures with her brand new camera that is identical to mine, but was $70 cheaper. Grr!

Amanda and Derek would not get into a group picture, so we group pictured right around them. Take that!


Steve said...

the last photo looks redic-photoshopped, but your wrist is in both so it must be real...

i am playing outside said...

why does it look photoshopped!?

Anonymous said...

OMG - it does kind of look like two pictures photoshopped together.

i am playing outside said...

well theyre not! freaks!