Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Roommate

I don't know how he does it, but Tim is able to transform the living room into a friggin' mess in a few short hours. Most of this was not here when I went to bed last night. Everything he does is kind of a mess... if he ever leaves his door open sometime, that means his room is fair game and I'll take a picture of it. It is BAD [especially considering the fact that it is right next to my beautiful, perfect room HAHA].

What else of Tim's is a mess? That would be his gift wrapping skills...

So what is in those 5 gifts for his girlfriend? There is clearly a CD, a bottle of nail polish, and I saw her sporting a toque, and I saw a pair of mittens kicking around as well. I will let you, the precious readers, decide what is in the 5th package.

What did she get him? I beautiful pair of jeans and a sweater that looked awesome on him. Better than anything he owns, which isn't hard because he owns some BAD clothes. He complained about the nice clothes the entire time I was talking to them. He is so ungrateful.

And finally, one last gripe about the man on the other side of this wall? After asking if I'd like a drive home on Friday since it is on his way, he has revoked the offer. I can wait until Saturday and get the drive, but I want to get home, so I have elected to find a new mode of transportation. My dad has taken that day off... he'll be getting a call tomorrow!

I would just like to finish with a small celebration... not only have I been doing a very good amount of studying for my final two exams, but my boys won on both Survivor: China and Project Runway Canada... congrats Todd and Biddell - his dresses were gorgeous, AND he told Iman to "shut the fuck up" when she told him that he won. Awesome. I love you Biddell.


Anonymous said...

I live alone and cannot understand how quickly my place becomes a mess.

It is def hard to live with someone who is opposite from you in the cleanliness/organized area.

natasha boulanger said...

Man.. his wrapping sucks. Even Jackson used to do better then that, and that's saying a lot. He bought her a dildo didn't he?

Ps.. www.uber.com/natashadawn

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm the main pig in the house, but it works out OK since I'm also the only one who cleans.

I had NO IDEA there was a Canadian Project Runway. I would totally watch that!

Roommates suck kid, but it'll get better - keep studying as insurance :)

i am playing outside said...

LunchLady, you should download Project Runway Canada... it was very good!

Anonymous said...

1) blogger has updated the comments area and i like it [but i dont know how it works.... ]
2) you think that is messy? Youve got it good with Tim, Im 100 times worse lol
3) BOO Biddle Fiddle!

i am playing outside said...

Biddle? It's Biddel. SCREW YOU MAN!

And yes, poor Elyse. She must have had it rough.

Anonymous said...

no, I was really clean for Elyse [well for me] because I didnt want her to go around and be all blah blah Amanda, to everyone. Im horribly messy for Derek.