Monday, December 10, 2007

The Party

Momma and Darrell's Christmas party finally happened on Saturday, and it was a fantastic time!

Aunt Donna Lynn is having lots of fun!

Andrew and Emmy Lou ... yes, this party was full of double-named women.

Hazel and Jerry

The Drinks ... well, some of them

The Food ... well, some of it

Aunt Frances, do you have something on your face?

Alison is a classy boozer.

Andrew and I... Connie is crazy... Uncle Johnny and Uncle Tommy are in the back... Tommy doesn't look too happy.

What on earth is Connie doing? And why is Tommy so angry!?

Emmy Lou and Shawn... he wore a tux in their wedding, so it will be jeans from now on. Screw you dressy casual, he says!

Donna Lynn and Cecil... yay!

Look at this random table. LOL

Poor candle. ... Apparently I've been replaced by a snowman in this picture!


natasha boulanger said...

Hahaha Angry Tommy makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

I like snowmykl, but it doesnt work as well as snowmando lol

Im saddened there is no picture of numerous nutcrackers.

i am playing outside said...

OH I should go through the house and take pictures of them all!