Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Painting

Today I woke up at 10, lay in bed listening to music until 10:30, and hung out on the PC until 11.

I painted the ceiling of the bathroom white. Then, I went outside and shoveled snow for 45 minutes, including a path for the mailman, who dropped off some Christmas cards right into my hand, since he came by at the time. I felt like I was in a commercial for Canada Post.

Next came lunch, and then I gave the walls in the bathroom a nice coat of brown paint. Just covering up all that orange was worth it. I cleaned up and let the paint dry, and I went to run a bunch of errands: mom's office to pick up a bag of salt/sand that she bought and needed to get home, the bank to cash my rolled change [since I'm officially that poor lol], the gas station, No Frills to develop some film, and Canadian Tire to pick up several things to finish off the bathroom [new closet door handle, a new light fixture [which I will install without Momma knowing, since the current one is very hideous], and one of those Clorox bleach pens, because the grout between the tiles was in need of some bleaching HAHA.

I picked up mom after work on my way home. We had supper, and then I put a second coat of paint on the walls, cleaned the tiles, painted the trim around the door white, and then we watched America's Next Top Model and were happy with the outcome.

Momma went to bed at 11, and I watched Kid Nation. During the commercials, I painted the bathroom floor and the vent. The room is starting to look good, and it should be finished tomorrow, with two days to spare before Mom's party, so she can stop fretting about whether or not it will be done.

My hands are sore.


Steve said...

fist off, i was up at 4:30 bc i had to be at work for 5am today. so, NO FAIR!
second, don't tell me what happened on ANTM b i missed it working a function at te hotel last night so i have to watch it on sunday.
and last, i am so poor that i picked out a t-shirt that def shows off my arms and flirted my ass off at work today just to get the exta tips. ps: this totally works. thursday morning and i made $30?!?!

Iheartfashion said...

Sooooo happy to see Bianca pack it in!

Anonymous said...

Good-bye Bianca! Not only are you not America's Next Top Model, Tyra made a point of telling you you need a lot of work. Take that you know-it-all bitch...

...Wow... guess I really didn't like her. Sorry, didn't mean to get that worked up.

i am playing outside said...

steve, you're working 2 jobs... why so poor? ... props on the hot guy tshirt btw... maybe you can take a pic of you in that when you finally take a friggin pic of your mohawk! lol

welcome iheartfashion! :D

Steve said...

so... now i know bianca got kicked off...
i was starting to warm up to her.