Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The New Cab Company

Today was fun.

I trudged through much deep snow while hauling heavy bags, but I finally made it to Andrew's office for lunch. He made us a wonderful casserole, and we had a great time... and we chatted with his coworker Allison who I think is a nice person HEHE. Then, I headed off to the bus station, where I again had to haul my bags through the snow. As a note to you all, you should never buy your Christmas presents one at a time. Then, you will buy one heavy thing each time, and when it is time to transport those gifts along with your laundry, it is not a fun scene!

The bus to Renfrew was luxurious... I had both seats to myself and the bus was very new. Heading into town, I called CJ's Taxi to pick me up. Then I got to the stop. And I waited. 15 minutes later, I called again to see if they were coming. I was rudely told that they'd get there when they got there. I decided to chock that up to a bad day and I'd let it slide. 10 minutes later, I called my sister, but she wasn't home. The pages of the phone book at the pay phone with the other two taxi companies in town were ripped out, so I called my mom and got her to call Vincent's. 2 minutes later, Vincent's was there to pick me up.

Now, I have always been a supporter of CJ's because they are new, cheaper, and USUALLY quite fast. But half an hour of waiting outside in the cold and rudeness on the phone are not acceptable. I will gladly call Vincent's from now on.

When I got home, I checked out the beautiful job my mom has done of decorating the house. Some things are still a complete mess, but soon everything will be ready for the party. I've made myself a long list of things to do.

After supper, Momma and I decorated the tree which is beautiful, and we watched Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Yay! ... Later, I took on the very large task of cleaning her desk. What a mess. But now it is beautiful, and I got rid of a whole bunch of clutter! Yay!

Sadly, I forgot the USB cord for my camera, so I can't show you guys any pictures until next week. But remember that orange bathroom? Trust me... it is hideous, and you will not be disappointed.

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natasha boulanger said...

I can't wait for the orange.