Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Kitchen Floor

Remember what Jenny did to a barstool on Friday night? Well Michelle decided to recreate that moment on my kitchen floor last night.

Last night's party at Lindsay's turned into Bill, Amanda, Elyse and Michelle meeting at my place to have a drink or two and then head to Lindsay's. Things were fun at my place, and also didn't involve going outside. Lindsay txted Elyse, and there were less of them than there were of us, so Stephanie drove them over here and we had a great time.

Michelle had an especially great time, which resulted in Elyse and Lindsay cleaning things up and taking her home. Congrats, Michelle!

A 26er of amaretto later, we went to Finnigan's and had a blast... saw some great people that I've missed, and I was already too drunk, so I didn't have to spend a dime! Lindsay and I left 20 minutes before last call because we were starving and wanted to beat the rush at Subway. Luckily we did, because the line was out the door for an hour, and we just watched and ate. It was delicious!

Tonight, I believe Bill is going to take me and maybe others driving in his new car. Sweet!

Happy Festivus!


Anonymous said...

Subway times two?!

Sounds like you've had fun minus your poor friend barfing on the barstool.

Anonymous said...

Maybe y'all can deem that the barfstool from now on.

He he. SRU told a funny!

i am playing outside said...

barfstool LOL

yes, subway two days in a row. subway and tim hortons are the only non-bar hangouts in town, and subway is a MUST after the bar, so you're going there. you just are. lol