Monday, December 31, 2007

The Good Friends

Over the past few nights, there has been much drinking or amaretto, and general merriment. On Friday night, there was fondue.

Lesley played me a jazzy little tune.

Jacey chopped up some apples and bananas for us, and there were also some raspberries.

As the only guy, I decided that it was my duty to light it up.

The chocolate looked a little gross while melting. This was my first fondue experience ever!

Lindsay and I enjoyed the bananas the best.

Elyse was her usual happy self.

Kristin was her usual wine-drinking self.

Stephanie and Jacey were looking at Kristin.

Lindsay was nicely buzzed, while Rebecca was tanked.

The walk to the bar was a snowy one.

But Rebecca and I really wanted to get there to see the band.

Later that night, I walked home in complete silence, as main street was dead.

My street was pretty quiet as well. And very pretty.

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