Monday, December 31, 2007

The Good Friends, Part 2

Saturday night, we all headed on over to Steph's place to celebrate Jacey's birthday [she'll be a big 2-1 on Thursday!] There were good times at Steph's, but then we went to Finnigan's which was much less packed than normal, and pretty boring to be honest. Thankfully, we were only there for an hour and a half until closing. Subway was delicious as always, and I did get to see some fun people, so that was great.

Jenny drove Bill and I to Steph's after Subway so that we could pick up our booze and walk home, but we ended up chatting with Steph in her basement until 5am. We had a great conversation about everything we could ever imagine, and it all started with Bill mentioning nipples. Classy.

This afternoon, Momma, Darrell and I went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner and it was pretty awesome! After we got home, I called up the girls for one last hurrah at Tim Hortons!

We ran into Jodie, Michelle and her friend Dan. I proceeded to quiz Dan about his entire life in a lightning-round type of game. It was fun. For me, at least.

People told me to not bug Dan like that, but then, to the shock of everyone involved, when they were leaving, Michelle and Jodie were headed to the door, and Dan sat down at our table. As Michelle walked by the window outside, you could see that she was furious. You see, Michelle likes Dan [and several others] but Dan just wants to be friends. Needless to say, Michelle came back eventually.

Dan is possibly the nicest person I've ever met. He just seemed like a genuinely good person. He told us stories of how he just goes out of his way for others, and it was touching.

In other news, things are looking somewhat good for my sister. There is still the chance of a relapse like usual, but she may ACTUALLY be ending things with her loser boyfriend. She has kicked him out of her house, and is planning to move in with mom and eventually sell her house [since she can't afford it herself]. Step one is that she is staying here at mom's tonight, which is the most progress we've ever had in this situation. We really need the loser to get his shit out of her house. That will be a major accomplishment. Once that happens, things should get a bit easier, and if mom can keep her staying at our house, we may finally get this thing over with. If any of you are the thinking-good-thoughts or the praying type, please hope that this will finally be the end of a very smart girl's relationship with a very stupid, alcoholic, and from what i've deduced, abusive asshole.

That's about all I have from Renfrew, my friends. Tomorrow afternoon, dad will be driving me back to Ottawa where I will get to ring in the new year with Andrew. Today also happens to mark 6 months of Michael-Andrew togetherness, which is a grand feat in my eyes.

Happy New Year to all of you lovely folks! Have fun, and take a cab!

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