Monday, December 3, 2007

The Festive Special

This post is about Christmas, because I love it so much.

For instance, on Friday night, Andrew, Sara and I watched Skreks 2 and 3, and that had nothing to do with Christmas. How sad!

Saturday? Also not too Christmasy, although Andrew and I did watch the cartoon version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas [which is my favourite 22 minutes of video ever produced].

But today was very Christmas. Andrew and I went to his parents' place WAY OUT in Orleans... oh my! haha... We helped decorate the Christmas tree and Andrew and his mom made shortbread... some for them, and some to take to my mom's on the weekend. Later, his parents took us to Swiss Chalet and for the first time in my life, after years of seeing the commercials and wanting it oh so bad, I finally had the Festive Special. You know what? Its really friggin' good! I must say that I am getting much more comfortable with Andrew's family... YAY!

In other fun Christmas news, I am completely finished all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping, and my roll of wrapping paper was the EXACT length needed to wrap all my gifts. Awesome, no? I've also written out all of my cards, and they are ready to hit a mailbox soon.

I MAY mail the cards tomorrow, but with 30-40cm of snow on the way, I'm not sure I'll want to brave the great outdoors tomorrow if I don't have to. The closest mailbox is pretty far away.


Anonymous said...

It's almost 9 and I haven't even braved going to work yet - you can skip mailing envelopes, I'm sure.

I was so happy to have you at my family's tree decorating day! Glad you're feeling more comfortable around them.

natasha boulanger said...

Yay cards!

Stacy said...

The Festive Special?!? How fun!

How are you done your shopping and wrapping already? Kev and I haven't even begun yet!

i am playing outside said...

Well, I like to start early because I have no idea what to buy anyone, so I go through various stages... first there is the 'seeing what the stores have to offer' stage. then, the 'where can i get this cheaper?' stage, and finally, the purchasing, and then the excitement of wrapping [yes, its excitement for me. i have an illness, and that illness is the love of christmas haha]