Friday, December 21, 2007

The Early Christmas

Last evening, Andrew and I bussed very slowly to the new Heart and Crown on Preston St. which is probably the best pub in Ottawa. We were there for his work Christmas party, even though his last day working there was last Friday. We had a great time and ate and drank amazing things. The best part is that Sara picked up the dinner bill. Thank you Sara! We love you!

Afterwards, we slowly bussed all the way back to Andrew's to do our little Christmas exchange... he got me awesome boxers with penguins on them, because he knew that my favourite pair of boxers ever had been with Christmas penguins. These particular penguins are holding beer, fish or candy canes. I love them haha. He also got me PJ pants which I have to wear on Christmas Eve [I've never been part of one of those 'Christmas Eve Pajama Tradition Families (CEPTF)' so I guess he is instilling this tradition in me, since he IS part of a CEPTF. He also gave me wicked awesome socks from American Apparel. I think they need to be worn with shorts to show their wickedness, but he says that even in the winter with pants, and I will know how awesome they are. True enough, I guess HEHE. Finally, he got me the book Why I Hate Canadians, by Will Ferguson, which I am very excited to read. He knows that I LOVE the book How To Be A Canadian [by Will and his brother Ian] but he couldn't remember which of the books it was that I liked. Earlier in the day, I had brought the book I had so he could read it over Christmas, and he gave a great sigh of relief that he hadn't bought the same book. Yay!

So what did I get him, you ask?

Over the past few months, he has been constantly pointing out an Aquaman DVD [the original cartoon series] that he wanted oh so badly. Being me, I completely ignored him each time, and only ever caught a glimpse or two of the DVD, which he would check out in every store in the city. I got that for him. I also painted this painting for him, which I didn't know if he would like or not, but he says he loves it, so I'm happy!

This morning, I finished my last exam. 5 semester done. 3 more to go. Yay! Now, I'm just watching TV while waiting for my aunt to come pick me up, pick up my package at FedEx, and then be off to Renfrew!

By the way - those are Andrew heads on kangaroo bodies. Oh Andrew heads. And he's wearing Converse shoes.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm glad you had such a great night together! I am a fan of "secret" socks. I wear them whenever I can get away with it.

i am playing outside said...

secret socks! i love it :D

Anonymous said...

I used to be a part of a CEPT. My Granny Leskie would always get me a nightgown [even though I hate nightgowns] that was all Christmasy, and that was my Christmas Eve present. Those were good times.

i am playing outside said...

yay nightgown!

Anonymous said...

My mother did the nightgown and nightcap one year for the CEPT. Silly her, guess she didn't realized we aren't in a Charles Dickens story.

Rebecca said...

I also love How to be Canadian, I must get Why I Hate Canadians!