Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Alison and I got home from dad's and our big family dinner [30ish people on my mom's side] was in full swing; minus the eating. Things were still cooking [the turkey was taking a little longer than planned] so we got in some good chatting time with everyone. Sadly, my camera was upstairs and I was not, so there are no pictures. I'll take pictures of Easter for you.

The meal was again delicious, but there was more work involved with this meal, because mom's family doesn't believe in paper plates. Us kids always take on the dish washing responsibilities, since the parents provide the wonderful meals. Much to my chagrin [because who doesn't want to say chagrin?] most of the people my age were lazy jerks, and found ways to get away and not do the dishes. Five of the nine people around my age managed to slip out the door before the first plate hit the dishwater. My cousins can be major disappointments sometimes. But Alison and I washed and dried the dishes for 30, along with our cousin Jonathon [the only one of his four siblings who stayed] and his girlfriend Annie, who was super nice to help out.

While dad's family events always last into the night, mom's family event never lasts past 9. I've always wished it was the other way around, but I'm realizing that at least no one tried to duck out from dad's event. Maybe the 'good Catholics' of mom's family aren't the great ones after all!

Boxing Day

I slept for 12 hours. Momma and Alison and Darrell did not wake me up to go to Wal*Mart with them. This kind of annoyed me, because I did not need 12 hours of sleep, and I would have liked to be a part of the family shopping outing. Boo.

I relaxed for most of the time I was awake. Then I hung out with some of the gang at Tim Horton's for a few hours, and we played cards. Then I came home and uploaded my pictures, and I typed out these three blogs, which took a good hour and a half. Fun, no?

I went through my gift cards... these are the stores I will be shopping at: Tim Horton's, Wal*Mart, Home Hardware, Old Navy (2), West 49 (2), Bluenotes and I got a stack of poker chips for Top Of The World. Awesome.

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