Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Anger

This post contains two subjects. First, an uprising. Second, severe roommate hating.

1. The Uprising

Today, I received an email from a classmate named Amy, asking how I felt about our Remote Sensing final exam. She told me that many people in the class had complaints about the exam. First of all, the prof told us that the exam would cover only the information learned between the midterm and the end of the semester, but it ended up covering the entire course, which meant that people had not studied for some of the questions. The other point of contention is that English is the 5th language of the prof. All semester, we suffered through his thick accent and his use of foreign words at random, and diagrams were frequently foreign as well. But on the exam, where the wording of the questions means everything, it made things very difficult.

Three girls came up with a letter that most of the class agreed to sign, either by meeting up with the girls, or by scanning or photographing their signature, which they would attach. I chose photographing.

I am excited by the chance of getting more marks. I wont lie, I wasn't adequately prepared for the exam, and this could really help me out if the university agrees with our complaints.

2. The Severe Roommate Hating

I had a package that I missed when Mr. FedEx stopped by. They will hold the package for 7 days at their depot on Moodie Dr., which is at the very end of the city, and is not accessible by bus. Tim said that he would drive me to get my package. This was at 5 and the place was open until 8. It involved us bussing to his sister's place at Algonquin college [in the West end] to pick up his car from there, and I said that was fine. He said we would leave in 15 minutess and T told him to come get me when he was ready. At 5:45 we left and he said that he left an extra 30 minutes later so that we could stay out of heavy traffic. By the time we bussed to Baseline and then to his sister's and got in the car, it was 7. Then he said that he had to pick up his girlfriend at work at 730. Then he inquired why my aunt can't take me on Friday when she picks me up to take me to Renfrew for Christmas. Then he said the timing doesn't look good. Then he asked if it was really that important. I let him bring me home after wasting 2 hours of my time, and I'm royally pissed, and now I'll have to get Frances to take me. I didn't want to ask her cuz she's already being nice and taking me home and shes not my chauffeur.

I am furious with Tim. He didn't have to take me, but he said that he would. Then he backed out of it just like he did with my drive home for Christmas, and just like he tried to do when we moved in and all his stuff was here, but he didn't want to finish helping me move in. Lucky for him, I will never be asking him to do another thing for me. I'm done.


Anonymous said...

Boo Tim! I don't like that boy.

Anonymous said...

Tim sounds like a tool.

To tell someone you will do something and then not do it is the makings of a pitiful person. You are wise not to rely on him.

i am playing outside said...

I was stupid to rely on him in the first place. My aunt has since said that she will lovingly drive me to pick up the package. This means that Andrew can have his birthday present in January! Yay!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm with SRU - he's a tool. I also hope that the package is worth all the fuss. I once went thru a similar sitch of frustrating scrambling to the Fed Ex office, only to find a package from my car dealership containing a deflated helium balloon and a stale cookie - a thank you present for buying my car there.

I hope it's good.

i am playing outside said...

It is something I ordered... it is my boyfriend's birthday present. I need it! lol