Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The After Party

The next day was full of cleaning up, with some fun thrown in for good measure.

Andrew showed off his sweet, sweet standing abilities.

While Momma proved that she can even pull off some sweet pyjamas... although with that laddle in hand, I think she was still thirsty...

So many bottles... I think I opened about 10 bottles of wine myself [not for me, of course... that Dissarono bottle is mine]

Andrew and I... so nice LOL


And also showing off her weird arm holes.

Andrew made a new friend. I will lure him back to Renfrew with the prospect of more pot holders, if I must.

Momma and Darrell ... great party, guys!

Alison and I came up with some hot new dance moved that will no doubt be sweeping the nation soon.

And finally, I took a turn with my best Shopping Channel effort in an attempt to sell off an empty margarita salt can.

What fun!

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