Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Advent Bingo

It is that precious time of year again, where we get to play a wonderful, magical game: Advent Bingo! I'm not doing fantastically this year, but every year when my mom sends me an advent calendar [because I practically force her to, although maybe I should get my own for $.99 and save her the $7.oo for shipping].

This year, it took until yesterday to get a diagonal. 14 days! That's crazy! And today I got the across. 15 days! Also crazy! Michelle got her across three or four days ago. What a lucky girl!

I'd be forcing Andrew to play, but when his arrived with mine, it was all smashed up since the mailman BENT THEM IN HALF to cram it into my mailbox. We ate all his. LOL [and yes, it was his that got ruined. there were cards taped to them and his said Andrew lol].

Sadly, I will not be getting the coveted down bingo until the 20th. That sucks, considering the last possible day for a down bingo is the 21st.

If any of you are playing along at home, let me know when your bingos occurred!

I'm now heading off to Andrew's for the night. I decided that since we are getting up to TWO FEET of snow in the next day, I'd rather spend the time trapped inside with him than all alone. Be safe out there everyone, and avoid travel at all costs! Unless you're Landis who is in Brazil right now. Jerk! ;)


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

The mail carriers around here have no respect for our non-bendable posts either, hence causing me to have to spend more time outside trying to pry loose the mail. Jerks.

i am playing outside said...

i hope you put on a smashing housecoat and slippers for your long stint outside, surgically removing your precious letters

Anonymous said...

I have not heard of this advent bingo before...

i am playing outside said...

You should play. Michelle and I do.