Friday, November 23, 2007

The Roaming Due Dates

Similar to Kevyn's blog, I have updated the winter conditions. 10-20 centimeters of snow were expected to fall by the end of today. The roads are slushy, and winter is finally here! [yay/boo]

I forgot to mention this, but on Tuesday night when I was just 300 words from being done my Polar Regions essay, my friend Dave told me that it was no longer due on the 23rd, and it is now due on the 27th.

Then, today, I went to hand in my Remote Sensing assignment [which we were assigned three weeks ago]. When I got there [100 minutes late HEHE] the TA told me that it is now due on the 29th. We used to have 1 week to do each assignment, and now we have FOUR weeks for the final one? I handed it in anyway, since I had gone all the way to school just to hand it in and go home.

This is all pretty fine, since I got everything done and now I have a free week without doing assignments, while my classmates will be working hard. However, it is pretty frustrating that I gave up my life to get all of these assignments done, not only on time but EARLY, and then the due dates get pushed back. I'm just tired of everyone else getting off the hook when they don't get things done. In my life, I've handed in one assignment late, and I had strep throat, so I had a pretty good reason. Do your work, folks!