Friday, November 30, 2007

The November

What a sad day. We've reached the last day of my favourite month. The last day of classes [for me, at least].

But new things are here. Things such as my godmother's 50th birthday. Happy Birthday, Aunt Frances! Enjoy Celine Dion! haha

As per the picture, Andrew has cut my hair right down to a zero. Short as it goes. Short as its been. Short as it will ever be!

Also new: I got Andrew a roommate, and he will move in within the next few weeks. This is exciting, because my roommates never are, and his last roommate REALLY wasn't. I'm banking on this being an enjoyable roommate that will hang out with us and talk to us. The downside? I may have to give up my keys, since they are DO NOT COPY keys. This saddens me, but Andrew will be doing everything he can to get another set. RIGHT ANDREW? :)

Tomorrow, I will go to my last two classes of the semester. This excites me, because I'm definitely quite burnt out. I need time to relax and see family and friends. I'll be here for a few days, then in Renfrew from the 4th-10th, then back here 10th-21st for exams, and then back to Renfrew. Busy!

I swear I had more things to discuss. Why can't I remember them? Oh well. They weren't important I guess.

I'm off to wrap my sister's Christmas present. Yay! Then, I'll be off to bed. Sleep well everyone!


Stacy said...

Yay November!

So fun that classes are done today!

I like the short short hair.


i am playing outside said...

Thank you! ... I'm considering a short mohawk after Christmas. What do you people think?