Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Liquor

My Aunt Frances is my godmother. Usually for my birthday, she gives me $25, which is always nice. This year, she sent me an email on my birthday telling me that she sealed my card and put it in the mail, and then got back home and realized that my gift was still sitting on her desk, so she would send it separately. Time went on, and there was nothing in the mail other than the card. I began to wonder. Finally, the other day, Momma told me that Frances had been into her office, and she had my gift, and she would send it.

I got excited for my $25 to come. But when I opened the envelope, I was more surprised. My $25 cheque has become a $50 gift certificate to the LCBO. Awesome. Now I must make a tough decision: do I buy a couple regular bottles of booze? Or do I buy something really nice? People, please help me decide! [For this, I'm looking to the experienced drinkers... Andrew, Stacy, Kevyn, Landis... your input is required!]

Also, remember on Sunday when I said that my mother will likely ask me to repaint her bathroom on December 6? Well, I got the email today. Practically panicked. The woman is going to go mental just from planning this Christmas party. She has already cleaned the house from top to bottom and is starting to decorate. She has 16 days. She doesn't know how she will get it all done. She seems to forget that I will be there for three days before the party to help out, and Andrew will also be there the day of to lend his services. [He's also going to be the coat check boy HAHA]. My mother went so far as to praise my painting skills [in the reply email after I said I'd be glad to do it]. My only concern is that the new paint colour will also be bad, and I'll only have one more chance after that to get it right. I'll let you all know how it turns out in two weeks. [I'll probably also take a picture of the hideous orange that she currently has it painted. Even I am excited to see this!]


natasha boulanger said...

I would say buy as much booze as you possibly can to get as drunk as you can, but that's the 18 year old in me speaking and my fathers daughter. Also I'm not an "experienced drinker" so you don't want my opinion. Jerk.

Oooooh bad orange paint, I want to see!

Anonymous said...

Lord, I'm the "experienced drinker" now? Is this just another way of saying old drunk?

Anyway, you're not going to be able to get something exceptionally nice for 25 bucks, so I vote stocking up on some of the cheaper booze you may enjoy. Build up a liquor cabinet, will ya?

mando said...

Well since Im obviously the experienced drinking of the group, I say your order a friggin PizzaTreatza! At my birthday we were all caking it up, and mom was like Oh I was thinking of getting a PizzzzaTreatzzzza, but I decided not to. I was all DUDE, wtf. 1) Ive been wanting to try one forever 2) It would most likely make me less sick than cake.

Did I tell you how good I was with my cake? I ate the good stuff first, AND i didn't eat the vanilla ice cream, and i was practically not sick at all!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a PizzaTreatza?!

i am playing outside said...

ANDREW: Its 50 bucks not 25. Learn to read.

MANDO AND ANDREW: Its a Treatza Pizza, not a Pizza Treatza. I've never had one, but it seems to be come sort of large cookie with yummy toppings and magic.

I seem to be the master of getting things right today. Anyone else have anything for me? lol

Anonymous said...

I say 25 bucks because that's what you said last night :P

I trust the words out of your mouth more than the ones on the screen.

mando said...

How about your get your face right?

Yea, I said it!

i am playing outside said...

ANDREW: no, last night i said i didn't know how much it was worth. then i came home and looked online and entered my card number and found out. SO TAKE THAT!

MANDO: don't you know that it is only cool to make a derogatory face comment once a month? you used yours yesterday. sorry.

Steve said...

well, you had no way of knowing this, but i consider myself an experienced drunk. its part of the reason i'm only classy on the inside.
if you're looking for a single item, wait a week or 2 for the special holiday stuff. tey bring in some really nice whiskey's and liqeurs. plus, you can score free stuff like cool glasses or cocktail shakers. or flasks!
if you're going the couple bottle route, try Stolichnaya. Its a premium russian vodka, but its gone down almost $15 a bottle since i was in highschool. a 26er will be about $25. its clean and doesn't burn as bad as some.
otherise, go with liquers. they are $10-$20 a bottle, ave a realativley decent alcohol content, and you can experiment with cocktails and flavours.
*i call a bananna rum and coke "mother's love" bc/ it tastes like amoxycillan from when you were a kid and got to stay home from school and your mom would take care of you.
whoa... longest comment ever.
Steve, out.

i am playing outside said...

steve. steve. omg steve. omg. i. LOVE. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. banana amoxycillin. steve. LOL

natasha boulanger said...

No one likes me here. :(

i am playing outside said...

i like you! i will definitely show the orange paint on the 5th, unless by some crazy chance my mom decides to paint over it before i get there. tsk tsk momma LOL

Steve said...

bahaha... me too.

Stacy said...


If you're a wine drinker I'd buy a 2001 Brunello!

If you are more into liquor I'd go with a bottle of Chopin Vodka, but only if you're going to drink it straight with a twist or olives. If you're going to mix it with pop or juice it's not worth buying premium.

I'm sure Kev would recommend some nice mirco brew beers such as, St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout or Mill St Stock Ale.

Hope that helps!

i am playing outside said...

thanks for the ideas!

kevyn said...

i'm gonna say it... i like beer. beer tastes good. i will suggest three. if your into beer with little hops but a crisp lager feel, try pilsner urquell. tis good. numero 2, a light ale with hints of apple, i say... mill street stock ale. very crisp. trois... a stout to end all stouts, st ambroise oatmeal stout. try it and you will see.
and please...drink responsibly and always tip your bartender.

Steve said...

i like the beer too, but my body apparently thinks i'm allergic to fermented grains... (sad face)

i am playing outside said...

ahha i love the input from you guys, but i guess i should have been more specific. im very liquor oriented HAHA