Friday, November 2, 2007

The Friday Midterms

Right now, I'm in the middle of a midterm sandwich. The Geography of Polar Regions went well this morning. I really felt like I knew my stuff. Now I wait for my Personality Psych midterm which starts 2 hours from now.

For lunch, I got some burgers at one of the random student-club-run barbecues that pops up every now and then on campus. They were really delicious!

After my midterm this afternoon, I'll be coming home, grabbing my bag, and on a bus to Mando's where Andrew will meet us. Then, we shall all travel to the merry old land of Renfrew, where I get to see my family and celebrate Susan's wedding on Saturday, and then my birthday on Sunday! Woo!

As a result, I don't know just how much I'll be online this weekend, so my celebratory banner at the top of the page will remain for the duration of the weekend. Awesome! Have a good one everyone... don't forget to take a piece of cake!


desiree fawn said...

ah yes, I love having no midterms & at the end of the year it'll just be one exam I believe

i am playing outside said...

:O what! i'm very jealous. i always have at least 5 midterms, and 5 final exams.

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Hope you're having a great day and enjoying that extra hour of sleep.

Steve said...

Happy birthday!

i am playing outside said...

HEHE I believe I actually slept LESS than I thought I had. Silly clocks!

But the birthday was fantastic... Thank you both for the good wishes! I will blog about the weekend tomorrow night when I'm back to my own computer and I can add my pictures!