Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Entertainers

Last night, Erin and the rest of the university's improv group put on a show. Andrew and I made it there after a long journey in the pouring rain. It was at the campus bar which I've never been to, since there are so many better bars oh so close! The show started off a little slowly [its their second show ever, so that's to be expected] but it got really good. Obviously some people were better than others, but I had a lot of fun.

Afterwards, I went to Erin's with a bunch of the improv kids for a little partay, at which I drank shots of vodka for the first time. Oh my how I missed my regular whiskey/amaretto/gin and tonic. It was all fun and games, and no one lost an eye. Or their virginity.

Tonight, Andrew and I went to the NAC to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. This was my first time going just for an orchestra [in the summer, Mando and I saw The Wizard of Oz which was accompanied by the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, which was sweet].

I loved the performance, and found it extremely relaxing. I am shocked that so many people can sit so close together and violently swing bows around, but no one gets poked in the eye HAHA. Oddly, as I listened, I found myself deciding which movies and TV shows the music would go with. It was good fun!

I came home and finished two assignments. One is my Stats assignment due tomorrow, which I struggled with on the last question but eventually got. The other was a poster for my Personality Psych class that applies Erik Erikson's eight stages of personality development theory to Duddy Kravitz, who is the protagonist of my favourite book! The poster is pretty sweet and I can't wait to get it printed. More expensive, but it looks better. Woo hoo! [And as a bizarre twist, Geography students only pay $3 per square foot of printing, and the rest of the university pays $5. Take that!]


Anonymous said...

OMG - I was totally thinking all the music was from movies. We're sad.

i am playing outside said...

We're not sad... we have a love of multiple art forms lol

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