Thursday, November 8, 2007

The CMAs

Some of you may know that I am a fan of country music. A big fan. Some of you may think that the fact that I [currently] have 1040 country songs on my iTunes is not even possible. But, it so is, and its so so good.

Country music makes me happy. While other genres are often there to make money, country music strives to tell a story. One of my favourite artists, Gary Allan, put it best: "Country music is what happens during the week. Rock 'n roll is about what happens at the weekend." Country music is about the everyday events... the things that people are really dealing with.

Every year, the Country Music Awards give us some great moments. I'm watching this year's show tonight for the second time [I missed the first half and there's nothing else on].

Tonight, Kellie Pickler broke down in tears at the end of her song 'I Wonder' ... A song so close to her that proves that she has made it and achieved her goals. Now, I don't care much for American Idol, but it has indeed produced some successful singers. Carrie Underwood has been doing amazingly well, and I can only imagine the same for Kellie.

Why, you ask? Because country fans are passionate about the music. And why is that? Because the artists are too. Any artist who can be genuinely moved to tears even after singing their biggest hit time and time again shows just how passionate they are.

I haven't really payed attention to anything Kellie has done yet in the country field, but she absolutely deserved the massive applause she received, and I will definitely be looking forward to more from her.

So, I urge you all to find some country music and listen to the stories it has to tell. If you need any tips, just ask ;)


mando said...

I asked you for country songs to listen to, and you gave me none, so I shall say BOO COUNTRY

i am playing outside said...

hmm. i do recall this. lol

i will make a nice list of ten and post them here for the enjoyment of you people that i love. but mainly for mando, cuz she asked.