Monday, November 5, 2007

The 20th Birthday

My name is Michael Roesler, and I'm a 20 year old.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I'm no longer a teenager. Crazy! I mean just the other day, I was this kid:

But a few upgrades in photographic technology later, and I'm a big boy. And adult, shall we say? I mean, I've thought of myself as an adult since I turned 18 [and no, I don't consider all 18 year olds to be adults], but now I'm in my twenties and I'm definitely worthy of the title.

For my 20th birthday, I chose a simple, quiet weekend. It was actually the first time I've been home to Renfrew in who knows how long that I slept in each day until I felt that I was ready to wake up and start the day.

Andrew came along for the ride, and we had dinner with Momma on Friday night, and then did the Tim Hortons rounds with Mando. On Saturday, we went shopping at No Frills and Wal*Mart with Momma, and then we grabbed some Wendy's for supper. Finally, we attended Susan's wedding reception, and then went to Finnigan's for a drink to finish the night.

On Sunday morning, we woke up and had a delicious bacon and egg breakfast. I went to my dad's for lunch, and since he 'doesn't know' yet, Andrew stayed back and studied for his job interview test which is on Friday. Daddy gave me some birthday cash, which always rocks, as well as a pack of tube socks [which he's always good for]. Andrew gets the socks, because I am picky and I will only wear Hanes crew-cut socks, and my dad never ever remembers that. Sorry dad.

It was a quick 2.5 hour lunch visit [since it started at 2pm] because I had to be back at home for supper haha. Aunt Donna Lynn and Uncle Cecil came with their kids, and Alison was there. We had my requested birthday lasagna, salad and garlic bread for supper and it was all so very delicious. It was the best lasagna that Momma has made in a good two years. [Its true. By some bizarre misfortune, every time she's made it in the past year or two, some freak event happens that ruins some part of it. Finally, things are right again].

The cake was amazing as always. It is chocolate with orange icing that is flavoured with mint, and melted baker's chocolate hardened on top. This is the cake I request each year, because it is absolutely delicious. 20 candles is pretty smokey! HAHA

My mother loves to clap. I think it is wonderful.

For my birthday, I got some cash, a couple DVDs, and possibly best of all, red high tops from Andrew. He sure knows what I like. Especially when I tell him LOL. But after about ten years of wanting them, I finally have my shoes.

Thank you to everyone for the kind birthday wishes! And Happy Birthday to those who share my special day: Genevieve, Jupiter, Branden, Stephanie, Greg, Jennie... I love you all!

I almost forgot about this... Courtesy of Andrew, this was the best card I got this year. It made me laugh. Then it made Momma laugh. Enjoy!


mando said...

yay for baby mykl!

mando said...


That card is awesome lol

natasha boulanger said...

Hahaha that card is awesome. You're awesome. I was my shopping day was Saturday I would have hugged you I'm sure.