Friday, November 30, 2007

The Revoking

22 days ago, I promoted Kellie Pickler and how I should give her a chance and all that jazz. But now, I take it all back, and this is why:

The Evil

My friends, the evils of Winter are officially upon us. Watch out, and heed this warning: don't rest your right shoe on your left ankle again until April!

The November

What a sad day. We've reached the last day of my favourite month. The last day of classes [for me, at least].

But new things are here. Things such as my godmother's 50th birthday. Happy Birthday, Aunt Frances! Enjoy Celine Dion! haha

As per the picture, Andrew has cut my hair right down to a zero. Short as it goes. Short as its been. Short as it will ever be!

Also new: I got Andrew a roommate, and he will move in within the next few weeks. This is exciting, because my roommates never are, and his last roommate REALLY wasn't. I'm banking on this being an enjoyable roommate that will hang out with us and talk to us. The downside? I may have to give up my keys, since they are DO NOT COPY keys. This saddens me, but Andrew will be doing everything he can to get another set. RIGHT ANDREW? :)

Tomorrow, I will go to my last two classes of the semester. This excites me, because I'm definitely quite burnt out. I need time to relax and see family and friends. I'll be here for a few days, then in Renfrew from the 4th-10th, then back here 10th-21st for exams, and then back to Renfrew. Busy!

I swear I had more things to discuss. Why can't I remember them? Oh well. They weren't important I guess.

I'm off to wrap my sister's Christmas present. Yay! Then, I'll be off to bed. Sleep well everyone!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Candy

Here I am, eating my chocolate covered almonds that I bought the other day. I get to the bottom of the bag, and I find this little baby. Cute!

On a similarly delicious note, I made the purchase of some incredible Turkish Delight yesterday. I had always wanted to try it, so when I moved to Ottawa [a city with a place to buy it HAHA] I got some at that Christmas, and now every year, I pick some up. Mainly for me, but I'm willing to share if people stop by. Yum!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The 6 Seasons

As some of you may know, I was watching the entire series of the lovely comedy Reba. Yesterday was day 10, and I finished the 125th and finale episode of the series. I'm either amazing or mental. Y'all can pick. [see... see what i did there? Reba would say that hehe].

I've had a very lazy weekend. I'm officially done all my Christmas shopping except for buying movie passes in Renfrew for my dad's kids. I've also wrapped everything except for my sister's gift because I need a part from Andrew [popcorn] and the second half of Andrew's gift hasn't arrived yet. Other than that, I'm completely ready for Christmas! Yay!

So yes, my bed has many lovely boxes under it with cute blue wrapping paper which features cartoony snow globes with fun Christmas things inside. Thank you Loblaws. I also made tags out of these snow globes through delicate cutting and gluing, because I'm poor. Yay, creativity!

That's about all I've got for now. I'm going to eat an orange and then I may watch the movie This Is London.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Roaming Due Dates

Similar to Kevyn's blog, I have updated the winter conditions. 10-20 centimeters of snow were expected to fall by the end of today. The roads are slushy, and winter is finally here! [yay/boo]

I forgot to mention this, but on Tuesday night when I was just 300 words from being done my Polar Regions essay, my friend Dave told me that it was no longer due on the 23rd, and it is now due on the 27th.

Then, today, I went to hand in my Remote Sensing assignment [which we were assigned three weeks ago]. When I got there [100 minutes late HEHE] the TA told me that it is now due on the 29th. We used to have 1 week to do each assignment, and now we have FOUR weeks for the final one? I handed it in anyway, since I had gone all the way to school just to hand it in and go home.

This is all pretty fine, since I got everything done and now I have a free week without doing assignments, while my classmates will be working hard. However, it is pretty frustrating that I gave up my life to get all of these assignments done, not only on time but EARLY, and then the due dates get pushed back. I'm just tired of everyone else getting off the hook when they don't get things done. In my life, I've handed in one assignment late, and I had strep throat, so I had a pretty good reason. Do your work, folks!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Liquor

My Aunt Frances is my godmother. Usually for my birthday, she gives me $25, which is always nice. This year, she sent me an email on my birthday telling me that she sealed my card and put it in the mail, and then got back home and realized that my gift was still sitting on her desk, so she would send it separately. Time went on, and there was nothing in the mail other than the card. I began to wonder. Finally, the other day, Momma told me that Frances had been into her office, and she had my gift, and she would send it.

I got excited for my $25 to come. But when I opened the envelope, I was more surprised. My $25 cheque has become a $50 gift certificate to the LCBO. Awesome. Now I must make a tough decision: do I buy a couple regular bottles of booze? Or do I buy something really nice? People, please help me decide! [For this, I'm looking to the experienced drinkers... Andrew, Stacy, Kevyn, Landis... your input is required!]

Also, remember on Sunday when I said that my mother will likely ask me to repaint her bathroom on December 6? Well, I got the email today. Practically panicked. The woman is going to go mental just from planning this Christmas party. She has already cleaned the house from top to bottom and is starting to decorate. She has 16 days. She doesn't know how she will get it all done. She seems to forget that I will be there for three days before the party to help out, and Andrew will also be there the day of to lend his services. [He's also going to be the coat check boy HAHA]. My mother went so far as to praise my painting skills [in the reply email after I said I'd be glad to do it]. My only concern is that the new paint colour will also be bad, and I'll only have one more chance after that to get it right. I'll let you all know how it turns out in two weeks. [I'll probably also take a picture of the hideous orange that she currently has it painted. Even I am excited to see this!]

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Ground

Last night when I got in bed, I looked at my wall where the light shines in the window. All of a sudden, I wasn't seeing the shadow of the trees outside, but I saw falling.

I jumped up to see massive snowflakes flying to the ground. It was dark out so every now and then, one would catch a streetlight and shine. It was a beautiful moment. I hoped that this would be the first time the snow would still be on the ground when I woke up, and I was rewarded.

Huzzah for snow!

The Celebratory Ice Cream

Today was a gloomy day. The perfect day to run some errands and then write a 2228 word essay.

7 Days ago, I started the first of 4 projects, a Stats assignment. Over the course of those 7 days, I have also completed a 22 page Remote Sensing assignment, a Psych poster applying Erik Erikson's 8 Stages of Personality Development theory to a fictional character, and today's essay for my Polar Regions class... 10 pages about sovereignty in the polar regions.

As you can imagine, my brain is dying a little bit. But through all that, I'm so so happy that all of this work is done.

When I went to school to print my poster today, I wanted a 3x2 foot poster. What I got was a 2x2 poster on a 3x3 sheet of paper. Not impressed. But the only help I could be given was today pay another 18 bucks to have it redone, so I have embraced my weird, square, slightly distorted masterpiece. Now, I just need to find out how to cut it out nicely, since its on a piece of paper that is too big.

After so many hard hours of work, I had to take a picture. That kind of commitment should be documented.

I celebrated being done all of these assignments by enjoying some delicious Turtles ice cream, and I am now enjoying a wonderful mini-marathon of Lost season 1, until I feel like sleeping. At that point, I will sleep blissfully until I wake up, whenever that may be.

Big thanks goes out to everyone who I chatted with on MSN while I wrote that essay today. Andrew, Mando, Megh, Rob, James, and possibly others... you made me not go crazy kill myself! Yay!

Also, thanks to Tim and Carita for being enjoyable companions while we all chatted and made and then ate our dinners together and watched Family Guy. That was a nice break.

Goodnight, all!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Momma

"There's a donut commercial on TV right now. Mmm... it looks really good. No, wait... maybe it's a gas commercial. Or a hockey commercial. Oh... it's a commercial for Mastercard!"

This is why I love talking to my mother for half an hour, long distance on my cellphone.

We had a great chat about the awesome Christmas party she'll be throwing... she is already getting the house clean even though it is 20 days away. But really, that's not that far.

She is also painting the downstairs bathroom. She had it primed two weeks ago when I was home last. Apparently she painted it Sauté, which means bright orange, and its like going to the bathroom at the circus, so she will be trying again! Something tells me that I will end up painting the bathroom on December 6, when I'm home for the party and a pre-exam vacation. But that's just fine :)

I am currently working away on my final Remote Sensing project, which is due on Thursday. I'll have it done by the end of the day, so that is great. Then, I'll just have to get my Personality Psych poster printed [due Friday] and write my Polar Regions essay [due Friday] and study for my Intro Psych midterm [on Friday].

Guess who is getting wasted on Friday night!

That's right... this guy:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Entertainers

Last night, Erin and the rest of the university's improv group put on a show. Andrew and I made it there after a long journey in the pouring rain. It was at the campus bar which I've never been to, since there are so many better bars oh so close! The show started off a little slowly [its their second show ever, so that's to be expected] but it got really good. Obviously some people were better than others, but I had a lot of fun.

Afterwards, I went to Erin's with a bunch of the improv kids for a little partay, at which I drank shots of vodka for the first time. Oh my how I missed my regular whiskey/amaretto/gin and tonic. It was all fun and games, and no one lost an eye. Or their virginity.

Tonight, Andrew and I went to the NAC to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. This was my first time going just for an orchestra [in the summer, Mando and I saw The Wizard of Oz which was accompanied by the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, which was sweet].

I loved the performance, and found it extremely relaxing. I am shocked that so many people can sit so close together and violently swing bows around, but no one gets poked in the eye HAHA. Oddly, as I listened, I found myself deciding which movies and TV shows the music would go with. It was good fun!

I came home and finished two assignments. One is my Stats assignment due tomorrow, which I struggled with on the last question but eventually got. The other was a poster for my Personality Psych class that applies Erik Erikson's eight stages of personality development theory to Duddy Kravitz, who is the protagonist of my favourite book! The poster is pretty sweet and I can't wait to get it printed. More expensive, but it looks better. Woo hoo! [And as a bizarre twist, Geography students only pay $3 per square foot of printing, and the rest of the university pays $5. Take that!]

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Hello

It's been two days since my last post, and I don't have much to say, but I wanted to say hi to everyone!

Being Remembrance Day, I hope you all took a moment to think of all the people who are keeping us safe and living in a country with all the great options that we have.

I'm starving and off to dinner soon... I hope you're all having a great end to your weekend!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The 48 Days

48 Days ago, Mando, Michelle and I enjoyed The Hershey Weekend. You may recall that I bought a case of my favourite chocolate 'bar', Reese Peanut Butter Cups. 48 bars, 48 days, and it all came down to this:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Country 25

In August, I promised Amanda that I would get her a list of 10 country songs for her to listen to so she can broaden her music library. I forgot. But she has reminded me, and I have come through... with 25 songs. In no particular order, I think these are 25 songs that should be added to everyone's country music library. I may even start adding a country video of the week HAHA. So here are the songs in the order they came to mind... I've also included other good songs by the artist. These are all artists that you may want to find more of, since they're pretty darn good. Titles in red are links to YouTube videos. Enjoy, and don't forget to LISTEN to the songs!

01. Nothin' Better To Do - LeAnn Rymes
Great song, even better with the video. She's definitely not 16 anymore HAHA. Other good songs are Somethings Gotta Give and Blue.

02. The Red Strokes - Garth Brooks
Fantastic video, fantastic song. All of his songs are fantastic, but some good ones just off the top of my head are Papa Loved Mama, Thunder Rolls, The River, The Dance, The Summer, and his new song More Than A Memory.

03. The Best I've Ever Had - Gary Allan
This is one of my favourite songs. Its a cover, but its very good [he sang it after his wife committed suicide due to depression and severe migraines] and I love the video. His green guitar is awesome. Other songs to check out are Life Ain't Always Beautiful, Songs About Rain, and his new song Watching Airplanes.

04. Boondocks - Little Big Town
Great song. There's a part a the end that I know is from an old cartoon but I just can't place it. I swear its Bugs Bunny or something. Other songs? Bring It On Home and I'm With The Band.

05. Landslide - Dixie Chicks
Great song. Its just nice. Great live! Pretty much any Dixie Chicks is good, but Traveling Soldier is sad, Not Ready To Make Nice is rebellious, and Goodbye Earl is awesome, as all people know.

06. Honesty - Rodney Atkins
Great song, although I don't think too many near-divorces end this way. Still, maybe it gives people hope? Who knows. And he's great live! Also check out If You're Going Through Hell and These Are My People. Watching You is good too.

07. Leavin' - Paul Brandt
Always nice to support the Canadians. There are lots of great Paul Brandt songs: Didn't Even See the Dust, Alberta Bound, Smalls Towns And Big Dreams, just to name a few.

08. Some People Change - Montgomery Gentry
This song was not a hit for Kenny Chesney, but Montgomery Gentry took it to much better places. Also listen to Gone and Something To Be Proud Of.

09. Coalmine - Sara Evans
All good things about Sara Evans. Slightly more traditional country, which is nice. Also see Suds In The Bucket, Cheatin', and her new songs As If.

10. Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde - Travis Tritt
Great song... just sounds fantastic, and its a fun little story. Another good one is Here's A Quarter.

11. Settlin' - Sugarland
Fantastic newish duo that used to be a trio. They're doing very well for themselves right now which is awesome. Listen to their sad new song Stay, as well as Baby Girl, Something More, and Stand Back Up.

12. Our Song - Taylor Swift
She's only 17 and already winning awards, and she's great live! She's a bit too 'high school issues' still, but she'll be bigger than Faith Hill. Also listen to Teardrops On My Guitar and Tim McGraw [yes, its the song title].

13. Fancy - Reba McEntire
Classic. I shouldn't even have to tell you what else to listen to.

14. Don't Take The Girl - Tim McGraw

This was the first country song I recall hearing and knowing. He's great live, and better than his wife [shh... but she just doesn't work the crowd as well]. I'd like to thank my father for starting it all. Other songs? BBQ Stain, Telluride, Seventeen. The best Tim & Faith duet? It's Your Love.

15. Whiskey Girl - Toby Keith
Trashy AND classy? Its Toby Keith! Also listen to High Maintenance Woman, Should've Been A Cowboy and Stays In Mexico.

16. Drive - Alan Jackson
I had to choose between many, many of his songs. Anything is good, but try Dallas, Where I Come From, and Don't Rock The Jukebox.

17. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood

American Idol did something right. She's good and getting better. Also try Wasted.

18. Proud Of The House Be Built - Brooks & Dunn
Sugarland is finally starting to kick their ass in the Duo Of The Year categories, but they're still going strong. I think the genre can support a couple of duos! Other good songs? My Maria, Play Something Country, and Believe.

19. The Best Thing That I Had Going - Brad Paisley
He's good enough that I've paid to see him live twice. He does both fun AND sad really well. Check out Ticks, We Danced, Famous People, He Didn't Have To Be, and his duet with Alison Krauss, Whiskey Lullaby.

20. Every Mile A Memory - Dierks Bentley
Nice nostalgic sort of song. Also look for Settle For A Slowdown, Bartenders Etc., and How Am I Doin'.

21. Wine Soaked Preacher - Corb Lund Band
Canadian. Good old Alberta old-fashioned style in the 21st century type country. Great live! Check out Time To Switch To Whiskey and Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer.

22. Nashville Bound - The Road Hammers
Canadian. A band I've been dying to see, with many missed opportunities. Their entire deal is a revival of the old school trucker song. Awesome. Also listen to The Girl On The Billboard and Not Just The Beer Talkin'. They have a new CD on the way, so look for Casanova Trucker Man if you can find it. NOTE: That video is not the actual video.

23. Don't Blink - Kenny Chesney
What a fantastic new song. Well done. Sometimes I like Kenny, and sometimes I find that his lazy island lifestyle makes his songs a bit boring. Either way, check out How Forever Feels, There Goes My Life [which gives me a chill every time, as some songs do] and Summertime.

24. This Used To Be Our Town - Jason McCoy
Canadian. The creator of The Road Hammers, in fact. This song is on the list especially for Amanda. She'll understand. Not that its a big hidden meaning. Look for Born Again In Dixieland and Ten Million Teardrops.

25. Hillbillies - Hot Apple Pie

Such a fun song, although I know nothing about this band. Also hear Redneck Revolution and Makin' Up.

The CMAs

Some of you may know that I am a fan of country music. A big fan. Some of you may think that the fact that I [currently] have 1040 country songs on my iTunes is not even possible. But, it so is, and its so so good.

Country music makes me happy. While other genres are often there to make money, country music strives to tell a story. One of my favourite artists, Gary Allan, put it best: "Country music is what happens during the week. Rock 'n roll is about what happens at the weekend." Country music is about the everyday events... the things that people are really dealing with.

Every year, the Country Music Awards give us some great moments. I'm watching this year's show tonight for the second time [I missed the first half and there's nothing else on].

Tonight, Kellie Pickler broke down in tears at the end of her song 'I Wonder' ... A song so close to her that proves that she has made it and achieved her goals. Now, I don't care much for American Idol, but it has indeed produced some successful singers. Carrie Underwood has been doing amazingly well, and I can only imagine the same for Kellie.

Why, you ask? Because country fans are passionate about the music. And why is that? Because the artists are too. Any artist who can be genuinely moved to tears even after singing their biggest hit time and time again shows just how passionate they are.

I haven't really payed attention to anything Kellie has done yet in the country field, but she absolutely deserved the massive applause she received, and I will definitely be looking forward to more from her.

So, I urge you all to find some country music and listen to the stories it has to tell. If you need any tips, just ask ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Nightmare

Not Available? You've got that right.

On Halloween, I wanted to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. Stores were already closed so I couldn't buy it, and Blockbuster didn't have it for sale or rent.

In the past seven days, I have looked in 7 stores... HMV, Music World, Walmart... all kinds of stores. I assumed that ONE of these stores would have such a classic movie for sale - maybe even on display seeing that it was just Halloween AND the movie is currently being re-released in 3D.

I then took my search to eBay, which is generally a quick and painless place to buy a DVD for cheaper than in stores. What do I find? An average selling price of $40+

So here I am, asking you, my precious readers... why the HELL can I not purchase this movie?

The Many Faces

You are now viewing my sister in all her glory, as seen on Sunday; just seven days before she turns 29. Thank God she's still acting how she feels, not how she should.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The 20th Birthday

My name is Michael Roesler, and I'm a 20 year old.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I'm no longer a teenager. Crazy! I mean just the other day, I was this kid:

But a few upgrades in photographic technology later, and I'm a big boy. And adult, shall we say? I mean, I've thought of myself as an adult since I turned 18 [and no, I don't consider all 18 year olds to be adults], but now I'm in my twenties and I'm definitely worthy of the title.

For my 20th birthday, I chose a simple, quiet weekend. It was actually the first time I've been home to Renfrew in who knows how long that I slept in each day until I felt that I was ready to wake up and start the day.

Andrew came along for the ride, and we had dinner with Momma on Friday night, and then did the Tim Hortons rounds with Mando. On Saturday, we went shopping at No Frills and Wal*Mart with Momma, and then we grabbed some Wendy's for supper. Finally, we attended Susan's wedding reception, and then went to Finnigan's for a drink to finish the night.

On Sunday morning, we woke up and had a delicious bacon and egg breakfast. I went to my dad's for lunch, and since he 'doesn't know' yet, Andrew stayed back and studied for his job interview test which is on Friday. Daddy gave me some birthday cash, which always rocks, as well as a pack of tube socks [which he's always good for]. Andrew gets the socks, because I am picky and I will only wear Hanes crew-cut socks, and my dad never ever remembers that. Sorry dad.

It was a quick 2.5 hour lunch visit [since it started at 2pm] because I had to be back at home for supper haha. Aunt Donna Lynn and Uncle Cecil came with their kids, and Alison was there. We had my requested birthday lasagna, salad and garlic bread for supper and it was all so very delicious. It was the best lasagna that Momma has made in a good two years. [Its true. By some bizarre misfortune, every time she's made it in the past year or two, some freak event happens that ruins some part of it. Finally, things are right again].

The cake was amazing as always. It is chocolate with orange icing that is flavoured with mint, and melted baker's chocolate hardened on top. This is the cake I request each year, because it is absolutely delicious. 20 candles is pretty smokey! HAHA

My mother loves to clap. I think it is wonderful.

For my birthday, I got some cash, a couple DVDs, and possibly best of all, red high tops from Andrew. He sure knows what I like. Especially when I tell him LOL. But after about ten years of wanting them, I finally have my shoes.

Thank you to everyone for the kind birthday wishes! And Happy Birthday to those who share my special day: Genevieve, Jupiter, Branden, Stephanie, Greg, Jennie... I love you all!

I almost forgot about this... Courtesy of Andrew, this was the best card I got this year. It made me laugh. Then it made Momma laugh. Enjoy!

The Wedding Of Susan

When I arrived in Renfrew, I was greeted with an envelope. For the first time ever, Momma is hosting a Christmas party [which I have already decided will be an annual event]. She has invited 55 people, which is a pretty awesome number. I hope they all show up.

On Friday, my sister's best friend Susan got married in a small ceremony that I was not invited to. On Saturday night, we partied.

Momma and Alison were there...

So were Kathleen and Stephanie...

I had the cutest date at the wedding...

Although Leigh looked great as usual.

I didn't recognize Karen when I saw her for the first time in ten years... That's half my lifetime ago!

Of course, we spent some time with the bride. Congratulations Susan and Neil! It was a beautiful day!

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Friday Midterms

Right now, I'm in the middle of a midterm sandwich. The Geography of Polar Regions went well this morning. I really felt like I knew my stuff. Now I wait for my Personality Psych midterm which starts 2 hours from now.

For lunch, I got some burgers at one of the random student-club-run barbecues that pops up every now and then on campus. They were really delicious!

After my midterm this afternoon, I'll be coming home, grabbing my bag, and on a bus to Mando's where Andrew will meet us. Then, we shall all travel to the merry old land of Renfrew, where I get to see my family and celebrate Susan's wedding on Saturday, and then my birthday on Sunday! Woo!

As a result, I don't know just how much I'll be online this weekend, so my celebratory banner at the top of the page will remain for the duration of the weekend. Awesome! Have a good one everyone... don't forget to take a piece of cake!