Friday, October 26, 2007

The Works

I decided that you would like to see what it looks like outside my window during the day. Here it is, just for you!

Last night, Andrew took me to the greatest burger restaurant ever. I frigging loved it. I had an organic beef burger covered with peppercorns, gouda and smoked bacon, with mashed potatoes and a root beer float. Awesome!

This morning, I had my stats test, which was going very well until time ran out. On everyone. I think its pretty unfair that the entire class didn't have time to finish. I blew through the last question in 30 seconds, just making up answers. I could have used about 10 minutes to do the question properly.

And now, just because I wanted to, its a disturbing composite of myself as a 4 year old sketch and a 19 year old human.


desiree fawn said...

heh, I like that you've called it a DISTURBING composite.. not just a composite :) very nice

i am playing outside said...

:D thank you! i need to speak the truth haha

kevyn said...

i like the beef burger covered with peppercorns, gouda and smoked bacon.

i am playing outside said...

yes, it was pretty much incredible... i need to return to the scene of the crime ASAP