Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Thanksgiving

This weekend was awesome.

Friday night, I was tired, so after eating some yummy pizza with Momma, I just stayed home and eventually went to bed.

Saturday, I woke up to my mother calling me downstairs for lunch. Darrell BBQed sausages. They were VERY good. I went to my grandma's house for a little visit and to roll her change because she had TONS of change and well, it needed to be rolled. I enjoyed this because 1. I love my grandma and 2. I love rolling change for some reason [although I love my grandma more]. My aunt Donna Lynn brought her kids over for supper, and we had a lovely time.

After supper, I was FULL and TIRED. We sat around for a good while and chatted, and then I headed on over to Lindsay's to drink. She made this face:

[Stephanie straightens Lindsay's hair. But I'm sure you could see that.]

I passed the time by drinking some delicious Canadian amaretto. Buy Canadian!

[It was McGuinness Amaretto Dell Amorosa, to be exact]

We headed on down to Finnigan's, where there was much fun to be had. I will never ever go to the stupid curly haired waitress again though. You know the one. She was wearing pink. And is not very nice. Ya, that's the one. I tipped her poorly. Especially since my drink was 50 cents more expensive the second time I went to her. This picture of Tyler and I is the only one that got taken at Finnigan's, which I find kind of insane.

[Tyler and Michael say Happy Thanksgiving Finnigan's!]

After the bar, we all headed to Subway, of course. There, Lindsay met Tyler for the second time that night, and she only asked what his name was about 47 times. And then she asked again on Monday. What a girl.

[A bad picture of their second meeting. She's probably asking what his name is. It is still Tyler.]

After all the fun and excitement, I went home, only to be woke up a few hours later on Sunday by my mother. It was noon, and time to go downstairs for french toast and bacon. I went downstairs, but lost 30 mins in the process. I thought I went right down, but when I got downstairs, it was 12:20 and mom and Darrell had already finished eating and were ready to go for a walk. There was food waiting for me though, so everything was fine!

We drove to Chapeau, Quebec to my aunt Frances' gorgeous house, where you are only allowed to have a good time. Honestly, I've never not had a blast at her house. The meal was amazing, and the family was awesome. I love them so much. I enjoyed that my third cousins Sarah and Ian were there... I never seen them much, but they rock [especially now that Ian isn't the jerk he used to be haha]. At the end of the day, I came away with a full pumpkin pie to bring back to Ottawa, and this beautiful picture:

[Alison, Momma and Me]

Monday, I had lunch at my dad's, and I finally saw my new little half-sister [I mean, she's really small, so its half HAHA] Angela. She's cute but loves to cry when I go near her, so I could only hold her when she was sleeping. After lunch, it was back to Ottawa.


mando said...

Hey man, we should have hung out this weekend, had some Tims and went to Joes..... OH WAIT

No its ok, im not hurt....

natasha boulanger said...

Wow you had an awesome weekend. I am jealous.
I love rolling change. Don't forget to wash your hands and sanitize them after and to not touch your face for awhile or you'll get sick from the penny diseases.

His name is Tyler Victor. God even I know that.

Mmmm... pumpkin pie.

natasha boulanger said...
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