Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Mice

My life is becoming a rodent infestation. This is not good.

Tonight, I went to Andrew's for dinner. He made a 'normal salad' as I call it. You see, I don't like salads with fancy ingredients like nuts or fruit or some sort of pear dressing on top. I like my salad to be lettuce [or spinach, which he used], chunks of tomato, peppers, cucumber, and maybe some cheese, croutons, celery and broccoli. Top it with some Italian or Ranch dressing, and I'm a happy boy. [Sorry mom, but I hate your fancy salads].

So Andrew made a normal salad as I requested [Thank you!] as well as risotto and some delicious chicken. I poured the water, and we ate our lovely meal. Afterwards, I managed to fall asleep somehow, and when I was finally awake and coherent again, he cut my hair which was long overdue... we realized that it has probably been a month since the last time!

I had a fast shower to get all the hair off me, then I ran out so we could watch Heroes, which was good as usual! I stuck around for another hour or two, and then I tried to bussed home. My normal trip takes me to St Laurent mall on the 5, and then the 95 to my place. Total travel time: 30 minutes. However, the bus Gods frowned upon me tonight for some unknown reason, and the 5 never came. I was forced to walk down the hill and wait 20 minutes for the 2 to take me downtown to the Rideau Center. Then, I waited a very long time to finally grab a 95 to my place. Total travel time? 80 minutes. That's right, an extra 50 minutes of joyous waiting. In 80 minutes, I could have traveled by car from my apartment to my mom's house in Renfrew.

While waiting for the bus, I counted at least 7 mice roaming around the street near the bus shelter. I was thoroughly disgusted; especially since they were brave enough to get within 2 feet of me. However, this is not as disgusting as the mouse or mice which have been eating my pasta. Twice now, I've opened the cupboard to find an entire bag of pasta completely emptied out. Just gone. Bye bye pasta. Why are these mice eating my food and not Tim's? Or why not the food in the other 20 floors of apartments? Something will have to be done...


Just for fun, here is a picture I coloured last night during a stint of pure boredom. I call him Fox Cop:


natasha boulanger said...

There's actually mice everywhere in Renfrew too. I remember at the beginning of the summer I saw about 4 in a night on main street. Gross.

Yay for Andrew's normal salad. I'm even simplier then that really. I like Caeser salad like East Side Marios style. He sounds like a good cook.

Poopy buses and we have to talk Heroes.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, I believe we called it a "regular salad" not "normal". Get the terminolgy right!

Allison and I are discussing this mice infestation in Ottawa that you're talking about. You're causing quite a panic!

Steve said...

with regards to the mice, i immediately thought of BANKSY's series on the rats of london. maybe they're not such a bad thing...

i am playing outside said...

lol i could deal with some BANKSYs in my apartment, but i certainly don't want real mice.

UPDATE: i've moved my food from the bottom cupboard to a surely non-accessible top cupboard :) lol