Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Mando Evening

On Sunday night, after a day full of things that I didn't bother to talk about in my previous post because I did so much this weekend that I forgot half of it, I went to Tim Hortons with Mando. We had much fun, although we didn't see anyone we knew to talk to. Also, we had no third person to join in the conversation, but Mr. Shoe Head visited for a minute, and so did Big Baggy Schelly [not to be confused with Big Belly Schelly aka No Belly Schelly].

After we were sufficiently bored, we decided to do something else. BUT WHAT!? Who do we know AND like?


We went to visit the young man in question, and we had a lovely, lovely chat with him and his girlfriend Robin who we met. Ah yes. Good chat. The best part of the night was probably when we somehow got onto the topic of both milk and Oprah. You just KNOW that this conversation resulted in Oprah being milked for profit. 24/7. Good times. WITH MANDO!

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