Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Great Outdoors

Not a lot happens outside my window at 2am, but the lamp sure makes for some pretty green.

I had a really boring day today. I did so little. There was just nothing.

However, I did finally get around to taking a picture of the pictures on my wall. Last year, I had a massive photo wall with over 200 pictures perfectly laid out. This year, I don't have the allotted wall space for such a project, and I didn't really want to recreate it either. However, I get my digital pictures developed once a month, and I like to display those pictures for the interim month. I was looking for a way to display them that was a bit less orderly than last year, but I wanted an easy way to swap them out every month. I also didn't want to be left with stickiness on the backs like those 200+ pictures from last year.

Then, Natasha came along. She gave me the wonderful idea of using scrapbook photo corners to put the pictures on the wall. They go on and come off easily with no marks left on the walls. Now I can swap the pictures in and out each month, and if I need more or less I can adjust things accordingly with very little problem.

Of course, as a gay man, I just happened to have scrapbook photo corners lying around. With much credit to Natasha, here is a low-quality photo of my other photos! [These being from Aug-Sept]. They accompany my coaster border nicely.


natasha boulanger said...

ahh that is awesome. Yay I got a shout out! It looks so good. I am impressed by your collection of coasters.

i am playing outside said...

psh that's only half the coasters! lol

mando said...

i was just about to bitch about how im not on the picture wall, when i saw myself! huzzah for studying!