Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Blind Date

Friday night I met Andrew and his friends Dave and Sara at the Royal Oak on Bank. The place was packed, so we were congregated at the bar waiting for a table to open up. While there, we met a clearly drunk woman named Jenn. A table cleared right behind where she was sitting at the bar, so we moved there and told her we'd keep an eye on her blind date.

The guy showed up. A cop named Sheldyn. I thought they were physically a good match, and it looked like they were getting along great. After about an hour, they were leaving to go back to her place which was just down the street, and Jenn told us that they were just going to have a couple glasses of wine, but he wasn't her type. [Especially since we learned that she has a boyfriend, and really, she was more into the firefighter she slept with the night before]. Cheaters love the emergency men.

So the four of us continued to have some fun, and 40 minutes later, I saw Sheldyn walking down the street on the phone. Clearly things didn't go well and he was looking for something better to do. We were curious, so we called Jenn since she had given Andrew her phone number. She came back to join us for the evening, and told us that she told him he wasn't her type. What a horrible person, taking him back to her place just to say that!? So we had another drink, and then we headed where else? A strip club.

So there we were. A married man, two gay guys and two women at the second trashiest strip club in Ottawa [sorry Vanier]. We had some fun. They are honestly such a bizarre little world. The only thing I hate about strip clubs is that the waitresses are so freaking pushy LOL

Later, we wound up a Swizzles, the gay karaoke bar. I don't really like this place. Its weird. But I made sure we only stayed for one drink, and I did see my first ever in-person drag queen which was an experience LOL

Yesterday, I had a quiet day. I was so cool on a Saturday night... a nap from 7-9, and then I did an assignment. But I've still got two more of those to do for this week, so I'm not really ashamed that I got 1/3 or my workload done.


mando said...

I went to a straight bar playing kareoke. I did not sing. That would have been scary. I think I told you this. OH! Story. So we're sitting there, I see a blind guy walk in, I'm all whatevs, cuz he, just cuz hes blind doesn't mean he can't have a drink right. So song song song crap crap crap, this one dude gets up and sings that country song where it spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E and its quite fast and whatnot and partway through, Korines like, That guy is blind. The Blind man had this song memorized and was totally kicking ass! It was amazing!

mando said...

UPDATE: I went to a non sexual orientation mattering bar. Sorry for any confusion.

i am playing outside said...

HAHAHA nice work