Friday, October 5, 2007

The Bizarre Exchange

As I walked across campus today, two women walked by in the opposite direction. This is what I heard [NOTE: the women were East-Indian, so there was an accent]:

Short woman: "You pay for that?"

Large woman: "Yes, for looking where's my teet, and everything like that. Forty-two dollars."


I have had two great nights in a row. On Wednesday, I got together with Erin and her roommate and Max, and we had a lovely little birthday celebration for Erin. We had a delicious 'cake' which was actually a batch of cookie dough formed into a cake shape, backed a bit, and topped with cream cheese icing. It was beautiful. Later in the evening, we went to the Earl of Sussex [on Sussex] which is the most incredible pub I've ever been to. It was SO MUCH FUN. The bartender was hilarious, and he made me a delicious Manhattan [after he accidentally spilled one all over Erin and Max HAHA. So funny!]

Last night's fun times included a few drinks at the Royal Oak with Andrew and his friends Brooke and Kathryn. It was good times. Then, Andrew and I headed to his place, and a while later Brooke returned with John [after he was finished an exam] and we had good times!

Now, I'm just minutes away from being off to Renfrew for more good times! Huzzah!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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