Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Bad And The Good

So, the other day, I was deleting a file that I no longer had use for. I highlighted it. I pushed SHIFT so it would bypass the recycle bin, and I clicked delete. As I clicked deleted, I noticed that my folder of all my university projects and notes were also highlighted, and were being deleted along with the file.


I tried several programs that promised to retrieve my files, but it never worked.

This is where the good comes in. It was possibly a stupid idea and a waste of time to make that website with all of my school stuff the other day, but it saved me. I wasn't able to get my notes back, but now I have all my assignments again. Pretty happy that I got some of those things back.

I did also lose some home movies [mainly ones from residence] but I will live with that. Somehow.


natasha boulanger said...

My god... never bypass the recycle bin. It's there for a reason.

i am playing outside said...

i know. im awful. ive stopped. lol