Friday, October 19, 2007

The 10 Day Weekend

Today is Day 7 of my 10 Day Weekend. Normally I would have Sat-Mon off from school, but this week I was sick, so I took off Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday, I was at school for one hour to write a midterm, and I just don't think that is long enough to count it as a day. Today is uOttawa Day, for all the little kiddies to come check out the campus, so we have the day off. Sadly, it is raining today so they wont be having a very good time [unlike the blast I had 4 years ago when Lindsay and I came down with my sister AKA the uOttawa pro HAHA]. Add all that to my upcoming usual 3 Day weekend, and you've got yourself 10 Days of awesomeness!

On Wednesday night, Andrew, Mando and I headed on down to the Bronson Center to enjoy a beautiful evening of acoustic listening provided by a lovely female duo from Toronto, and then, Matt Good! He was so awesome, and he played Load Me Up which made me so happy!

Yesterday was a fun day. The first full day I've been out and about since last Saturday, since I was so crippled by sickness. After my midterm, I met Andrew at the Rideau Center for the most delicious pizza... it is expensive, but it is incredible thick pizza and comes with salad and a drink and garlic bread and it is all incredible. They forgot our garlic bread, but we didn't bother complaining. It is more than enough food anyway.

Next, we went to Bank St. to pick up a package that I missed the delivery of [which is a bit ridiculous since I was at home for days]. The guy said I needed ID with my current address, which I have none of. I was mad, since I don't live close, and I was NOT going back to get something. However, I saw Scotiabank and used my quick thinking to go get a statement of account, which was acceptable because it had my new address on it. Then, we took a stroll on Bank St. and wandered into some awesome antique/old crap stores. We saw some incredible things, but sadly no purchases.

We came back to my place and Andrew had a nap while I waited for Momma to call. She's in Ottawa for the week with her co-worker Susan. At the end of this week, she will be able to sell Home Insurance, which is awesome [She's worked at The Co-Operators for 4 or 5 years selling car and travel insurance]. This will make her more valuable at work [even though she already is... its a small office and she's been there the longest, even longer than the boss, since there was some reshuffling in the Co-Operators offices of the Ottawa valley a year ago LOL. I'm so proud of her... she's worked so hard to keep advancing in her job. Always studying for courses to improve her skills. ............. Wow this was a big tangent. The four of us went for supper at Mexicali Rosa's which was so delicious, and we had an absolute riot... 4 funny people makes for a great night!

Today I slept until 1:30 which is fine because it downpoured all morning [apparently!]. This afternoon, I've been listening to the large amount of songs I've downloaded lately. I'm anal about my music collection's organization, so I need to make sure all the songs work properly before I put them in their proper folders. At 5, I'm heading to the Royal Oak to meet Andrew and his friends for drinks [And I'm currently starving myself because I want a club sandwich HAHA].

I'll have a drink for you all tonight!


Steve said...

I am so excited. Matt Good is doing an acoustic show here in a week. I got tickets, but they sold out in 3 days!

i am playing outside said...

ya we had two shows here and they sold out fast. he was so good. you will love it!

Stacy said...

10 days off...sweet! Hope you're making the most of your final three!!